Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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software.h File Reference
#include <core/engine.h>
#include <core/engctx.h>

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Data Structures

struct  nouveau_software_chan
struct  nouveau_software


#define nouveau_software_context_create(p, e, c, d)   nouveau_engctx_create((p), (e), (c), (p), 0, 0, 0, (d))
#define nouveau_software_context_destroy(d)   nouveau_engctx_destroy(&(d)->base)
#define nouveau_software_context_init(d)   nouveau_engctx_init(&(d)->base)
#define nouveau_software_context_fini(d, s)   nouveau_engctx_fini(&(d)->base, (s))
#define _nouveau_software_context_dtor   _nouveau_engctx_dtor
#define _nouveau_software_context_init   _nouveau_engctx_init
#define _nouveau_software_context_fini   _nouveau_engctx_fini
#define nouveau_software_create(p, e, c, d)   nouveau_engine_create((p), (e), (c), true, "SW", "software", (d))
#define nouveau_software_destroy(d)   nouveau_engine_destroy(&(d)->base)
#define nouveau_software_init(d)   nouveau_engine_init(&(d)->base)
#define nouveau_software_fini(d, s)   nouveau_engine_fini(&(d)->base, (s))
#define _nouveau_software_dtor   _nouveau_engine_dtor
#define _nouveau_software_init   _nouveau_engine_init
#define _nouveau_software_fini   _nouveau_engine_fini


void nv04_software_intr (struct nouveau_subdev *)


struct nouveau_oclass nv04_software_oclass
struct nouveau_oclass nv10_software_oclass
struct nouveau_oclass nv50_software_oclass
struct nouveau_oclass nvc0_software_oclass

Macro Definition Documentation

#define _nouveau_software_context_dtor   _nouveau_engctx_dtor

Definition at line 32 of file software.h.

#define _nouveau_software_context_fini   _nouveau_engctx_fini

Definition at line 34 of file software.h.

#define _nouveau_software_context_init   _nouveau_engctx_init

Definition at line 33 of file software.h.

#define _nouveau_software_dtor   _nouveau_engine_dtor

Definition at line 49 of file software.h.

#define _nouveau_software_fini   _nouveau_engine_fini

Definition at line 51 of file software.h.

#define _nouveau_software_init   _nouveau_engine_init

Definition at line 50 of file software.h.

#define nouveau_software_context_create (   p,
)    nouveau_engctx_create((p), (e), (c), (p), 0, 0, 0, (d))

Definition at line 23 of file software.h.

#define nouveau_software_context_destroy (   d)    nouveau_engctx_destroy(&(d)->base)

Definition at line 25 of file software.h.

#define nouveau_software_context_fini (   d,
)    nouveau_engctx_fini(&(d)->base, (s))

Definition at line 29 of file software.h.

#define nouveau_software_context_init (   d)    nouveau_engctx_init(&(d)->base)

Definition at line 27 of file software.h.

#define nouveau_software_create (   p,
)    nouveau_engine_create((p), (e), (c), true, "SW", "software", (d))

Definition at line 40 of file software.h.

#define nouveau_software_destroy (   d)    nouveau_engine_destroy(&(d)->base)

Definition at line 42 of file software.h.

#define nouveau_software_fini (   d,
)    nouveau_engine_fini(&(d)->base, (s))

Definition at line 46 of file software.h.

#define nouveau_software_init (   d)    nouveau_engine_init(&(d)->base)

Definition at line 44 of file software.h.

Function Documentation

void nv04_software_intr ( struct nouveau_subdev )

Definition at line 114 of file nv04.c.

Variable Documentation

struct nouveau_oclass nv04_software_oclass

Definition at line 139 of file nv04.c.

struct nouveau_oclass nv10_software_oclass

Definition at line 121 of file nv10.c.

struct nouveau_oclass nv50_software_oclass

Definition at line 191 of file nv50.c.

struct nouveau_oclass nvc0_software_oclass

Definition at line 173 of file nvc0.c.