Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
dwc3 Struct Reference

#include <core.h>

Data Fields

struct usb_ctrlrequestctrl_req
struct dwc3_trbep0_trb
dma_addr_t ctrl_req_addr
dma_addr_t ep0_trb_addr
dma_addr_t ep0_bounce_addr
struct dwc3_request ep0_usb_req
spinlock_t lock
struct devicedev
struct platform_devicexhci
struct resource xhci_resources [DWC3_XHCI_RESOURCES_NUM]
struct dwc3_event_buffer ** ev_buffs
struct dwc3_epeps [DWC3_ENDPOINTS_NUM]
struct usb_gadget gadget
struct usb_gadget_drivergadget_driver
struct usb_phyusb2_phy
struct usb_phyusb3_phy
void __iomemregs
size_t regs_size
u32 num_event_buffers
u32 u1u2
u32 maximum_speed
u32 revision
u32 mode
unsigned is_selfpowered:1
unsigned three_stage_setup:1
unsigned ep0_bounced:1
unsigned ep0_expect_in:1
unsigned start_config_issued:1
unsigned setup_packet_pending:1
unsigned delayed_status:1
unsigned needs_fifo_resize:1
unsigned resize_fifos:1
enum dwc3_ep0_next ep0_next_event
enum dwc3_ep0_state ep0state
enum dwc3_link_state link_state
enum dwc3_device_state dev_state
u16 isoch_delay
u16 u2sel
u16 u2pel
u8 u1sel
u8 u1pel
u8 speed
struct dwc3_hwparams hwparams
struct dentryroot
u8 test_mode
u8 test_mode_nr

Detailed Description

struct dwc3 - representation of our controller : usb control request which is used for ep0 : trb which is used for the ctrl_req : bounce buffer for ep0 : used while precessing STD USB requests : dma address of ctrl_req : dma address of ep0_trb : dummy req used while handling STD USB requests : dma address of ep0_bounce : for synchronizing : pointer to our struct device : pointer to our xHCI child : a list of event buffers : device side representation of the peripheral controller : pointer to the gadget driver : base address for our registers : address space size : IRQ number : calculated number of event buffers : only used on revisions <1.83a for workaround : maximum speed requested (mainly for testing purposes) : revision register contents : mode of operation : pointer to USB2 PHY : pointer to USB3 PHY : true when we are selfpowered : set if we perform a three phase setup : true when we used bounce buffer : true when we expect a DATA IN transfer : true when StartConfig command has been issued : true when there's a Setup Packet in FIFO. Workaround : not all users might want fifo resizing, flag it : tells us it's ok to reconfigure our TxFIFO sizes. : wValue from Set Isochronous Delay request; : parameter from Set SEL request. : parameter from Set SEL request. : parameter from Set SEL request. : parameter from Set SEL request. : hold the next expected event : state of endpoint zero : link state : device speed (super, high, full, low) : points to start of memory which is used for this struct. : copy of hwparams registers : debugfs root folder pointer

Definition at line 649 of file core.h.

Field Documentation

Definition at line 650 of file core.h.

dma_addr_t ctrl_req_addr

Definition at line 654 of file core.h.

unsigned delayed_status

Definition at line 703 of file core.h.

struct device* dev

Definition at line 660 of file core.h.

Definition at line 710 of file core.h.

void* ep0_bounce

Definition at line 652 of file core.h.

dma_addr_t ep0_bounce_addr

Definition at line 656 of file core.h.

unsigned ep0_bounced

Definition at line 699 of file core.h.

unsigned ep0_expect_in

Definition at line 700 of file core.h.

enum dwc3_ep0_next ep0_next_event

Definition at line 707 of file core.h.

struct dwc3_trb* ep0_trb

Definition at line 651 of file core.h.

dma_addr_t ep0_trb_addr

Definition at line 655 of file core.h.

struct dwc3_request ep0_usb_req

Definition at line 657 of file core.h.

Definition at line 708 of file core.h.

Definition at line 666 of file core.h.

Definition at line 665 of file core.h.

Definition at line 668 of file core.h.

struct usb_gadget_driver* gadget_driver

Definition at line 669 of file core.h.

Definition at line 722 of file core.h.

unsigned is_selfpowered

Definition at line 697 of file core.h.

u16 isoch_delay

Definition at line 712 of file core.h.

Definition at line 709 of file core.h.

spinlock_t lock

Definition at line 659 of file core.h.

u32 maximum_speed

Definition at line 679 of file core.h.

Definition at line 720 of file core.h.

u32 mode

Definition at line 681 of file core.h.

unsigned needs_fifo_resize

Definition at line 704 of file core.h.

u32 num_event_buffers

Definition at line 677 of file core.h.

Definition at line 674 of file core.h.

size_t regs_size

Definition at line 675 of file core.h.

unsigned resize_fifos

Definition at line 705 of file core.h.

Definition at line 680 of file core.h.

struct dentry* root

Definition at line 723 of file core.h.

u8* setup_buf

Definition at line 653 of file core.h.

unsigned setup_packet_pending

Definition at line 702 of file core.h.

u8 speed

Definition at line 718 of file core.h.

unsigned start_config_issued

Definition at line 701 of file core.h.

u8 test_mode

Definition at line 725 of file core.h.

u8 test_mode_nr

Definition at line 726 of file core.h.

unsigned three_stage_setup

Definition at line 698 of file core.h.

u8 u1pel

Definition at line 716 of file core.h.

u8 u1sel

Definition at line 715 of file core.h.

u32 u1u2

Definition at line 678 of file core.h.

u16 u2pel

Definition at line 714 of file core.h.

u16 u2sel

Definition at line 713 of file core.h.

struct usb_phy* usb2_phy

Definition at line 671 of file core.h.

struct usb_phy* usb3_phy

Definition at line 672 of file core.h.

Definition at line 662 of file core.h.

Definition at line 663 of file core.h.

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