Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
ieee80211_hw Struct Reference

#include <mac80211.h>

Data Fields

struct ieee80211_conf conf
struct wiphywiphy
const charrate_control_algorithm
u32 flags
unsigned int extra_tx_headroom
int channel_change_time
int vif_data_size
int sta_data_size
int napi_weight
u16 queues
u16 max_listen_interval
s8 max_signal
u8 max_rates
u8 max_report_rates
u8 max_rate_tries
u8 max_rx_aggregation_subframes
u8 max_tx_aggregation_subframes
u8 offchannel_tx_hw_queue
u8 radiotap_mcs_details
netdev_features_t netdev_features

Detailed Description

struct ieee80211_hw - hardware information and state

This structure contains the configuration and hardware information for an 802.11 PHY.

: This points to the &struct wiphy allocated for this 802.11 PHY. You must fill in the and members of this structure using SET_IEEE80211_DEV() and SET_IEEE80211_PERM_ADDR(). Additionally, all supported bands (with channels, bitrates) are registered here.

: &struct ieee80211_conf, device configuration, don't use.

: pointer to private area that was allocated for driver use along with this structure.

: hardware flags, see &enum ieee80211_hw_flags.

: headroom to reserve in each transmit skb for use by the driver (e.g. for transmit headers.)

: time (in microseconds) it takes to change channels.

: Maximum value for signal (rssi) in RX information, used only when or

: max listen interval in units of beacon interval that HW supports

: number of available hardware transmit queues for data packets. WMM/QoS requires at least four, these queues need to have configurable access parameters.

: rate control algorithm for this hardware. If unset (NULL), the default algorithm will be used. Must be set before calling ieee80211_register_hw().

: size (in bytes) of the drv_priv data area within &struct ieee80211_vif. : size (in bytes) of the drv_priv data area within &struct ieee80211_sta.

: maximum number of alternate rate retry stages the hw can handle. : maximum number of alternate rate retry stages the hw can report back. : maximum number of tries for each stage

: weight used for NAPI polling. You must specify an appropriate value here if a napi_poll operation is provided by your driver.

: maximum buffer size (number of sub-frames) to be used for A-MPDU block ack receiver aggregation. This is only relevant if the device has restrictions on the number of subframes, if it relies on mac80211 to do reordering it shouldn't be set.

: maximum number of subframes in an aggregate an HT driver will transmit, used by the peer as a hint to size its reorder buffer.

: HW queue ID to use for offchannel TX (if IEEE80211_HW_QUEUE_CONTROL is set)

: lists which MCS information can the HW reports, by default it is set to MCS, _GI and _BW but doesn't include _FMT. Use IEEE80211_RADIOTAP_MCS_HAVE* values, only adding _BW is supported today.

: netdev features to be set in each netdev created from this HW. Note only HW checksum features are currently compatible with mac80211. Other feature bits will be rejected.

Definition at line 1362 of file mac80211.h.

Field Documentation

int channel_change_time

Definition at line 1369 of file mac80211.h.

Definition at line 1363 of file mac80211.h.

unsigned int extra_tx_headroom

Definition at line 1368 of file mac80211.h.

u32 flags

Definition at line 1367 of file mac80211.h.

u16 max_listen_interval

Definition at line 1374 of file mac80211.h.

u8 max_rate_tries

Definition at line 1378 of file mac80211.h.

u8 max_rates

Definition at line 1376 of file mac80211.h.

u8 max_report_rates

Definition at line 1377 of file mac80211.h.

u8 max_rx_aggregation_subframes

Definition at line 1379 of file mac80211.h.

s8 max_signal

Definition at line 1375 of file mac80211.h.

u8 max_tx_aggregation_subframes

Definition at line 1380 of file mac80211.h.

int napi_weight

Definition at line 1372 of file mac80211.h.

netdev_features_t netdev_features

Definition at line 1383 of file mac80211.h.

u8 offchannel_tx_hw_queue

Definition at line 1381 of file mac80211.h.

Definition at line 1366 of file mac80211.h.

u16 queues

Definition at line 1373 of file mac80211.h.

u8 radiotap_mcs_details

Definition at line 1382 of file mac80211.h.

const char* rate_control_algorithm

Definition at line 1365 of file mac80211.h.

int sta_data_size

Definition at line 1371 of file mac80211.h.

int vif_data_size

Definition at line 1370 of file mac80211.h.

Definition at line 1364 of file mac80211.h.

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