Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Public Member Functions | Data Fields
wiphy Struct Reference

#include <cfg80211.h>

Public Member Functions

char priv[0] __attribute__ ((__aligned__(NETDEV_ALIGN)))

Data Fields

u8 perm_addr [ETH_ALEN]
u8 addr_mask [ETH_ALEN]
struct mac_addressaddresses
struct ieee80211_txrx_stypesmgmt_stypes
int n_iface_combinations
u16 software_iftypes
u16 n_addresses
u16 interface_modes
u32 flags
u32 features
u32 ap_sme_capa
enum cfg80211_signal_type signal_type
int bss_priv_size
u8 max_scan_ssids
u8 max_sched_scan_ssids
u8 max_match_sets
u16 max_scan_ie_len
u16 max_sched_scan_ie_len
int n_cipher_suites
const u32cipher_suites
u8 retry_short
u8 retry_long
u32 frag_threshold
u32 rts_threshold
u8 coverage_class
char fw_version [ETHTOOL_BUSINFO_LEN]
u32 hw_version
u16 max_remain_on_channel_duration
u8 max_num_pmkids
u32 available_antennas_tx
u32 available_antennas_rx
u32 probe_resp_offload
const voidprivid
struct ieee80211_supported_bandbands [IEEE80211_NUM_BANDS]
int(* reg_notifier )(struct wiphy *wiphy, struct regulatory_request *request)
struct ieee80211_regdomainregd
struct device dev
bool registered
struct dentrydebugfsdir
struct ieee80211_ht_capht_capa_mod_mask

Detailed Description

struct wiphy - wireless hardware description : the driver's regulatory notification callback, note that if your driver uses wiphy_apply_custom_regulatory() the reg_notifier's request can be passed as NULL : the driver's regulatory domain, if one was requested via the regulatory_hint() API. This can be used by the driver on the reg_notifier() if it chooses to ignore future regulatory domain changes caused by other drivers. : signal type reported in &struct cfg80211_bss. : supported cipher suites : number of supported cipher suites : Retry limit for short frames (dot11ShortRetryLimit) : Retry limit for long frames (dot11LongRetryLimit) : Fragmentation threshold (dot11FragmentationThreshold); -1 = fragmentation disabled, only odd values >= 256 used : RTS threshold (dot11RTSThreshold); -1 = RTS/CTS disabled : the network namespace this wiphy currently lives in : permanent MAC address of this device : If the device supports multiple MAC addresses by masking, set this to a mask with variable bits set to 1, e.g. if the last four bits are variable then set it to 00:...:00:0f. The actual variable bits shall be determined by the interfaces added, with interfaces not matching the mask being rejected to be brought up. : number of addresses in . : If the device has more than one address, set this pointer to a list of addresses (6 bytes each). The first one will be used by default for perm_addr. In this case, the mask should be set to all-zeroes. In this case it is assumed that the device can handle the same number of arbitrary MAC addresses. : protects ->resume and ->suspend sysfs callbacks against unregister hardware : debugfs directory used for this wiphy, will be renamed automatically on wiphy renames : (virtual) struct device for this wiphy : helps synchronize suspend/resume with wiphy unregister : wireless extension handlers : driver private data (sized according to wiphy_new() parameter) : bitmask of interfaces types valid for this wiphy, must be set by driver : Valid interface combinations array, should not list single interface types. : number of entries in array. : bitmask of software interface types, these are not subject to any restrictions since they are purely managed in SW. : wiphy flags, see &enum wiphy_flags : features advertised to nl80211, see &enum nl80211_feature_flags. : each BSS struct has private data allocated with it, this variable determines its size : maximum number of SSIDs the device can scan for in any given scan : maximum number of SSIDs the device can scan for in any given scheduled scan : maximum number of match sets the device can handle when performing a scheduled scan, 0 if filtering is not supported. : maximum length of user-controlled IEs device can add to probe request frames transmitted during a scan, must not include fixed IEs like supported rates : same as max_scan_ie_len, but for scheduled scans : current coverage class : firmware version for ethtool reporting : hardware version for ethtool reporting : maximum number of PMKIDs supported by device : a pointer that drivers can use to identify if an arbitrary wiphy is theirs, e.g. in global notifiers : information about bands/channels supported by this device

: bitmasks of frame subtypes that can be subscribed to or transmitted through nl80211, points to an array indexed by interface type

: bitmap of antennas which are available to be configured as TX antennas. Antenna configuration commands will be rejected unless this or is set.

: bitmap of antennas which are available to be configured as RX antennas. Antenna configuration commands will be rejected unless this or is set.

: Bitmap of supported protocols for probe response offloading. See &enum nl80211_probe_resp_offload_support_attr. Only valid when the wiphy flag is set.

: Maximum time a remain-on-channel operation may request, if implemented.

: WoWLAN support information

: AP SME capabilities, flags from &enum nl80211_ap_sme_features. : Specify what ht_cap values can be over-ridden. If null, then none can be over-ridden.

Definition at line 2154 of file cfg80211.h.

Member Function Documentation

char priv [0] __attribute__ ( (__aligned__(NETDEV_ALIGN))  )

Field Documentation

u8 addr_mask[ETH_ALEN]

Definition at line 2159 of file cfg80211.h.

struct mac_address* addresses

Definition at line 2161 of file cfg80211.h.

u32 ap_sme_capa

Definition at line 2176 of file cfg80211.h.

u32 available_antennas_rx

Definition at line 2208 of file cfg80211.h.

u32 available_antennas_tx

Definition at line 2207 of file cfg80211.h.

Definition at line 2224 of file cfg80211.h.

int bss_priv_size

Definition at line 2180 of file cfg80211.h.

const u32* cipher_suites

Definition at line 2188 of file cfg80211.h.

u8 coverage_class

Definition at line 2194 of file cfg80211.h.

struct dentry* debugfsdir

Definition at line 2242 of file cfg80211.h.

Definition at line 2236 of file cfg80211.h.

Definition at line 2174 of file cfg80211.h.

u32 flags

Definition at line 2174 of file cfg80211.h.

u32 frag_threshold

Definition at line 2192 of file cfg80211.h.

Definition at line 2196 of file cfg80211.h.

struct ieee80211_ht_cap* ht_capa_mod_mask

Definition at line 2244 of file cfg80211.h.

u32 hw_version

Definition at line 2197 of file cfg80211.h.

struct ieee80211_iface_combination* iface_combinations

Definition at line 2165 of file cfg80211.h.

u16 interface_modes

Definition at line 2172 of file cfg80211.h.

u8 max_match_sets

Definition at line 2183 of file cfg80211.h.

u8 max_num_pmkids

Definition at line 2205 of file cfg80211.h.

u16 max_remain_on_channel_duration

Definition at line 2203 of file cfg80211.h.

u16 max_scan_ie_len

Definition at line 2184 of file cfg80211.h.

u8 max_scan_ssids

Definition at line 2181 of file cfg80211.h.

u16 max_sched_scan_ie_len

Definition at line 2185 of file cfg80211.h.

u8 max_sched_scan_ssids

Definition at line 2182 of file cfg80211.h.

Definition at line 2163 of file cfg80211.h.

u16 n_addresses

Definition at line 2169 of file cfg80211.h.

int n_cipher_suites

Definition at line 2187 of file cfg80211.h.

int n_iface_combinations

Definition at line 2166 of file cfg80211.h.

u8 perm_addr[ETH_ALEN]

Definition at line 2158 of file cfg80211.h.

const void* privid

Definition at line 2222 of file cfg80211.h.

u32 probe_resp_offload

Definition at line 2215 of file cfg80211.h.

Definition at line 2227 of file cfg80211.h.

Definition at line 2232 of file cfg80211.h.

bool registered

Definition at line 2239 of file cfg80211.h.

u8 retry_long

Definition at line 2191 of file cfg80211.h.

u8 retry_short

Definition at line 2190 of file cfg80211.h.

u32 rts_threshold

Definition at line 2193 of file cfg80211.h.

enum cfg80211_signal_type signal_type

Definition at line 2178 of file cfg80211.h.

u16 software_iftypes

Definition at line 2167 of file cfg80211.h.

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