Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
iio_chan_spec Struct Reference

#include <iio.h>

Data Fields

enum iio_chan_type type
int channel
int channel2
unsigned long address
int scan_index
struct {
   char   sign
   u8   realbits
   u8   storagebits
   u8   shift
   enum iio_endian   endianness
long info_mask
long event_mask
struct iio_chan_spec_ext_infoext_info
const charextend_name
const chardatasheet_name
unsigned modified:1
unsigned indexed:1
unsigned output:1
unsigned differential:1

Detailed Description

struct iio_chan_spec - specification of a single channel : What type of measurement is the channel making. : What number do we wish to assign the channel. : If there is a second number for a differential channel then this is it. If modified is set then the value here specifies the modifier. : Driver specific identifier. : Monotonic index to give ordering in scans when read from a buffer. : Sign: 's' or 'u' to specify signed or unsigned realbits: Number of valid bits of data storage_bits: Realbits + padding shift: Shift right by this before masking out realbits. endianness: little or big endian : What information is to be exported about this channel. This includes calibbias, scale etc. : What events can this channel produce. : Array of extended info attributes for this channel. The array is NULL terminated, the last element should have its name field set to NULL. : Allows labeling of channel attributes with an informative name. Note this has no effect codes etc, unlike modifiers. : A name used in in-kernel mapping of channels. It should correspond to the first name that the channel is referred to by in the datasheet (e.g. IND), or the nearest possible compound name (e.g. IND-INC). : Does a modifier apply to this channel. What these are depends on the channel type. Modifier is set in channel2. Examples are IIO_MOD_X for axial sensors about the 'x' axis. : Specify the channel has a numerical index. If not, the channel index number will be suppressed for sysfs attributes but not for event codes. : Channel is output. : Channel is differential.

Definition at line 242 of file iio.h.

Field Documentation

unsigned long address

Definition at line 246 of file iio.h.

Definition at line 244 of file iio.h.

int channel2

Definition at line 245 of file iio.h.

const char* datasheet_name

Definition at line 259 of file iio.h.

unsigned differential

Definition at line 263 of file iio.h.

enum iio_endian endianness

Definition at line 253 of file iio.h.

long event_mask

Definition at line 256 of file iio.h.

Definition at line 257 of file iio.h.

const char* extend_name

Definition at line 258 of file iio.h.

unsigned indexed

Definition at line 261 of file iio.h.

long info_mask

Definition at line 255 of file iio.h.

unsigned modified

Definition at line 260 of file iio.h.

unsigned output

Definition at line 262 of file iio.h.

u8 realbits

Definition at line 250 of file iio.h.

int scan_index

Definition at line 247 of file iio.h.

struct { ... } scan_type
u8 shift

Definition at line 252 of file iio.h.

char sign

Definition at line 249 of file iio.h.

u8 storagebits

Definition at line 251 of file iio.h.

Definition at line 243 of file iio.h.

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