Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
irq_data Struct Reference

#include <irq.h>

Data Fields

unsigned int irq
unsigned long hwirq
unsigned int node
unsigned int state_use_accessors
struct irq_chipchip
struct irq_domaindomain
struct msi_descmsi_desc
cpumask_var_t affinity

Detailed Description

struct irq_data - per irq and irq chip data passed down to chip functions : interrupt number : hardware interrupt number, local to the interrupt domain : node index useful for balancing : status information for irq chip functions. Use accessor functions to deal with it : low level interrupt hardware access : Interrupt translation domain; responsible for mapping between hwirq number and linux irq number. : per-IRQ data for the irq_chip methods : platform-specific per-chip private data for the chip methods, to allow shared chip implementations : MSI descriptor : IRQ affinity on SMP

The fields here need to overlay the ones in irq_desc until we cleaned up the direct references and switched everything over to irq_data.

Definition at line 143 of file irq.h.

Field Documentation

cpumask_var_t affinity

Definition at line 153 of file irq.h.

Definition at line 148 of file irq.h.

void* chip_data

Definition at line 151 of file irq.h.

struct irq_domain* domain

Definition at line 149 of file irq.h.

void* handler_data

Definition at line 150 of file irq.h.

unsigned long hwirq

Definition at line 145 of file irq.h.

unsigned int irq

Definition at line 144 of file irq.h.

Definition at line 152 of file irq.h.

unsigned int node

Definition at line 146 of file irq.h.

unsigned int state_use_accessors

Definition at line 147 of file irq.h.

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