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matview.c File Reference

#include "postgres.h"
#include "access/heapam_xlog.h"
#include "access/multixact.h"
#include "access/relscan.h"
#include "access/xact.h"
#include "catalog/catalog.h"
#include "catalog/heap.h"
#include "catalog/namespace.h"
#include "commands/cluster.h"
#include "commands/matview.h"
#include "commands/tablecmds.h"
#include "executor/executor.h"
#include "miscadmin.h"
#include "rewrite/rewriteHandler.h"
#include "storage/lmgr.h"
#include "storage/smgr.h"
#include "tcop/tcopprot.h"
#include "utils/snapmgr.h"
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Data Structures

struct  DR_transientrel


static void transientrel_startup (DestReceiver *self, int operation, TupleDesc typeinfo)
static void transientrel_receive (TupleTableSlot *slot, DestReceiver *self)
static void transientrel_shutdown (DestReceiver *self)
static void transientrel_destroy (DestReceiver *self)
static void refresh_matview_datafill (DestReceiver *dest, Query *query, const char *queryString)
void SetMatViewToPopulated (Relation relation)
void ExecRefreshMatView (RefreshMatViewStmt *stmt, const char *queryString, ParamListInfo params, char *completionTag)
DestReceiverCreateTransientRelDestReceiver (Oid transientoid)

Function Documentation

DestReceiver* CreateTransientRelDestReceiver ( Oid  transientoid  ) 

Definition at line 263 of file matview.c.

References palloc0().

Referenced by CreateDestReceiver(), and ExecRefreshMatView().

    DR_transientrel *self = (DR_transientrel *) palloc0(sizeof(DR_transientrel));

    self->pub.receiveSlot = transientrel_receive;
    self->pub.rStartup = transientrel_startup;
    self->pub.rShutdown = transientrel_shutdown;
    self->pub.rDestroy = transientrel_destroy;
    self->pub.mydest = DestTransientRel;
    self->transientoid = transientoid;

    return (DestReceiver *) self;

void ExecRefreshMatView ( RefreshMatViewStmt stmt,
const char *  queryString,
ParamListInfo  params,
char *  completionTag 

Definition at line 110 of file matview.c.

References AccessExclusiveLock, RewriteRule::actions, Assert, CheckTableNotInUse(), CMD_SELECT, CreateTransientRelDestReceiver(), elog, ereport, errcode(), errmsg(), ERROR, RewriteRule::event, finish_heap_swap(), heap_close, heap_open(), IsA, RewriteRule::isInstead, IsSystemRelation(), linitial, list_length(), make_new_heap(), NoLock, NULL, RuleLock::numLocks, RangeVarCallbackOwnsTable(), RangeVarGetRelidExtended(), RelationData::rd_rel, RelationData::rd_rules, ReadNextMultiXactId(), RecentXmin, refresh_matview_datafill(), RefreshMatViewStmt::relation, RelationCacheInvalidateEntry(), RelationGetRelationName, RELKIND_MATVIEW, RuleLock::rules, and RefreshMatViewStmt::skipData.

Referenced by ProcessUtilitySlow().

    Oid         matviewOid;
    Relation    matviewRel;
    RewriteRule *rule;
    List       *actions;
    Query      *dataQuery;
    Oid         tableSpace;
    Oid         OIDNewHeap;
    DestReceiver *dest;

     * Get a lock until end of transaction.
    matviewOid = RangeVarGetRelidExtended(stmt->relation,
                                           AccessExclusiveLock, false, false,
                                           RangeVarCallbackOwnsTable, NULL);
    matviewRel = heap_open(matviewOid, NoLock);

    /* Make sure it is a materialized view. */
    if (matviewRel->rd_rel->relkind != RELKIND_MATVIEW)
                 errmsg("\"%s\" is not a materialized view",

     * We're not using materialized views in the system catalogs.


     * Check that everything is correct for a refresh. Problems at this point
     * are internal errors, so elog is sufficient.
    if (matviewRel->rd_rel->relhasrules == false ||
        matviewRel->rd_rules->numLocks < 1)
             "materialized view \"%s\" is missing rewrite information",

    if (matviewRel->rd_rules->numLocks > 1)
             "materialized view \"%s\" has too many rules",

    rule = matviewRel->rd_rules->rules[0];
    if (rule->event != CMD_SELECT || !(rule->isInstead))
             "the rule for materialized view \"%s\" is not a SELECT INSTEAD OF rule",

    actions = rule->actions;
    if (list_length(actions) != 1)
             "the rule for materialized view \"%s\" is not a single action",

     * The stored query was rewritten at the time of the MV definition, but
     * has not been scribbled on by the planner.
    dataQuery = (Query *) linitial(actions);
    Assert(IsA(dataQuery, Query));

     * Check for active uses of the relation in the current transaction, such
     * as open scans.
     * NB: We count on this to protect us against problems with refreshing the
     * data using HEAP_INSERT_FROZEN.
    CheckTableNotInUse(matviewRel, "REFRESH MATERIALIZED VIEW");

    tableSpace = matviewRel->rd_rel->reltablespace;

    heap_close(matviewRel, NoLock);

    /* Create the transient table that will receive the regenerated data. */
    OIDNewHeap = make_new_heap(matviewOid, tableSpace);
    dest = CreateTransientRelDestReceiver(OIDNewHeap);

    if (!stmt->skipData)
        refresh_matview_datafill(dest, dataQuery, queryString);

     * Swap the physical files of the target and transient tables, then
     * rebuild the target's indexes and throw away the transient table.
    finish_heap_swap(matviewOid, OIDNewHeap, false, false, true, true,
                     RecentXmin, ReadNextMultiXactId());


static void refresh_matview_datafill ( DestReceiver dest,
Query query,
const char *  queryString 
) [static]

Definition at line 212 of file matview.c.

References CHECK_FOR_INTERRUPTS, copyObject(), CreateQueryDesc(), elog, ERROR, EXEC_FLAG_WITHOUT_OIDS, ExecutorEnd(), ExecutorFinish(), ExecutorRun(), ExecutorStart(), ForwardScanDirection, FreeQueryDesc(), GetActiveSnapshot(), InvalidSnapshot, linitial, list_length(), NULL, pg_plan_query(), PopActiveSnapshot(), PushCopiedSnapshot(), QueryRewrite(), and UpdateActiveSnapshotCommandId().

Referenced by ExecRefreshMatView().

    List       *rewritten;
    PlannedStmt *plan;
    QueryDesc  *queryDesc;

    /* Rewrite, copying the given Query to make sure it's not changed */
    rewritten = QueryRewrite((Query *) copyObject(query));

    /* SELECT should never rewrite to more or less than one SELECT query */
    if (list_length(rewritten) != 1)
        elog(ERROR, "unexpected rewrite result for REFRESH MATERIALIZED VIEW");
    query = (Query *) linitial(rewritten);

    /* Check for user-requested abort. */

    /* Plan the query which will generate data for the refresh. */
    plan = pg_plan_query(query, 0, NULL);

     * Use a snapshot with an updated command ID to ensure this query sees
     * results of any previously executed queries.  (This could only matter if
     * the planner executed an allegedly-stable function that changed the
     * database contents, but let's do it anyway to be safe.)

    /* Create a QueryDesc, redirecting output to our tuple receiver */
    queryDesc = CreateQueryDesc(plan, queryString,
                                GetActiveSnapshot(), InvalidSnapshot,
                                dest, NULL, 0);

    /* call ExecutorStart to prepare the plan for execution */
    ExecutorStart(queryDesc, EXEC_FLAG_WITHOUT_OIDS);

    /* run the plan */
    ExecutorRun(queryDesc, ForwardScanDirection, 0L);

    /* and clean up */



void SetMatViewToPopulated ( Relation  relation  ) 
static void transientrel_destroy ( DestReceiver self  )  [static]

Definition at line 356 of file matview.c.

References pfree().


static void transientrel_receive ( TupleTableSlot slot,
DestReceiver self 
) [static]

Definition at line 313 of file matview.c.

References DR_transientrel::bistate, ExecMaterializeSlot(), heap_insert(), DR_transientrel::hi_options, DR_transientrel::output_cid, and DR_transientrel::transientrel.

    DR_transientrel *myState = (DR_transientrel *) self;
    HeapTuple   tuple;

     * get the heap tuple out of the tuple table slot, making sure we have a
     * writable copy
    tuple = ExecMaterializeSlot(slot);


    /* We know this is a newly created relation, so there are no indexes */

static void transientrel_shutdown ( DestReceiver self  )  [static]

Definition at line 337 of file matview.c.

References DR_transientrel::bistate, FreeBulkInsertState(), heap_close, HEAP_INSERT_SKIP_WAL, heap_sync(), DR_transientrel::hi_options, NoLock, and DR_transientrel::transientrel.

    DR_transientrel *myState = (DR_transientrel *) self;


    /* If we skipped using WAL, must heap_sync before commit */
    if (myState->hi_options & HEAP_INSERT_SKIP_WAL)

    /* close transientrel, but keep lock until commit */
    heap_close(myState->transientrel, NoLock);
    myState->transientrel = NULL;

static void transientrel_startup ( DestReceiver self,
int  operation,
TupleDesc  typeinfo 
) [static]

Definition at line 281 of file matview.c.

References Assert, DR_transientrel::bistate, GetBulkInsertState(), GetCurrentCommandId(), HEAP_INSERT_SKIP_FSM, heap_open(), DR_transientrel::hi_options, InvalidBlockNumber, NoLock, DR_transientrel::output_cid, RelationGetTargetBlock, SetMatViewToPopulated(), DR_transientrel::transientoid, DR_transientrel::transientrel, and XLogIsNeeded.

    DR_transientrel *myState = (DR_transientrel *) self;
    Relation transientrel;

    transientrel = heap_open(myState->transientoid, NoLock);

     * Fill private fields of myState for use by later routines
    myState->transientrel = transientrel;
    myState->output_cid = GetCurrentCommandId(true);

     * We can skip WAL-logging the insertions, unless PITR or streaming
     * replication is in use. We can skip the FSM in any case.
    myState->hi_options = HEAP_INSERT_SKIP_FSM | HEAP_INSERT_FROZEN;
    if (!XLogIsNeeded())
        myState->hi_options |= HEAP_INSERT_SKIP_WAL;
    myState->bistate = GetBulkInsertState();


    /* Not using WAL requires smgr_targblock be initially invalid */
    Assert(RelationGetTargetBlock(transientrel) == InvalidBlockNumber);