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Part II. Jetty Configuration Guide

Table of Contents

4. Configuring Jetty Connectors
Connector Configuration Overview
Configuring SSL
Setting Port 80 Access for a Non-Root User
5. Configuring Contexts
Setting a Context Path
Configuring Virtual Hosts
Configuring WebAppContexts
Serving a WebApp from a Particular Port/Connector
Creating Custom Error Pages
6. Configuring Security
Limiting Form Content
Aliased Files and Symbolic links
Secure Password Obfuscation
7. Deploying to Jetty
Anatomy of a Web Application
Automatic Web Application Deployment
Configuring a Specific Web Application Deployment
Configuring Static Content Deployment
Hot Deployment
Deployment Architecture
8. Configuring JSP Support
Configuring JSP
9. Jetty Logging
Configuring Jetty Logging
Configuring Jetty Request Logs
Example: Logging with Apache Log4j
Example: Logging with Java's java.util.logging
Example: Logging with Logback
Example: Capturing Multiple Logging frameworks with Slf4j
Example: Centralized Logging with Logback
10. Configuring WebSockets
Configuring WebSockets

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