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string smarty_function_html_image( array $params, Smarty &$smarty  )

Smarty {html_image} function plugin

Type: function
Name: html_image
Date: Feb 24, 2003
Purpose: format HTML tags for the image

  • file = file (and path) of image (required)
  • border = border width (optional, default 0)
  • height = image height (optional, default actual height)
  • image =image width (optional, default actual width)
  • basedir = base directory for absolute paths, default is environment variable DOCUMENT_ROOT
Examples: {html_image file="images/masthead.gif"} Output: <img src="images/masthead.gif" border=0 width=400 height=23>

array   $params: 
Smarty   &$smarty: 

API Tags:
Uses:  smarty_function_escape_special_chars()

Information Tags:
Version:  1.0
Author:  Monte Ohrt <[email protected]>
Author:  credits to Duda <[email protected]> - wrote first image function in repository, helped with lots of functionality
Link: {html_image} (Smarty online manual)

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