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Procedural File: outputfilter.trimwhitespace.php

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Smarty plugin

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smarty_outputfilter_trimwhitespace  [line 28]

void smarty_outputfilter_trimwhitespace( string $source, Smarty &$smarty  )

Smarty trimwhitespace outputfilter plugin

File: outputfilter.trimwhitespace.php
Type: outputfilter
Name: trimwhitespace
Date: Jan 25, 2003
Purpose: trim leading white space and blank lines from template source after it gets interpreted, cleaning up code and saving bandwidth. Does not affect PRE>></PRE> and <SCRIPT></SCRIPT> blocks.
Install: Drop into the plugin directory, call

  1. $smarty->load_filter('output','trimwhitespace');
from application.

string   $source: 
Smarty   &$smarty: 

Information Tags:
Version:  1.3
Author:  Monte Ohrt <[email protected]>
Author:  Contributions from Lars Noschinski <[email protected]>

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smarty_outputfilter_trimwhitespace_replace  [line 64]

void smarty_outputfilter_trimwhitespace_replace( $search_str, $replace, &$subject  )

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