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smarty_function_html_table  [line 44]

string smarty_function_html_table( array $params, Smarty &$smarty  )

Smarty {html_table} function plugin

Type: function
Name: html_table
Date: Feb 17, 2003
Purpose: make an html table from an array of data

  • loop = array to loop through
  • cols = number of columns
  • rows = number of rows
  • table_attr = table attributes
  • tr_attr = table row attributes (arrays are cycled)
  • td_attr = table cell attributes (arrays are cycled)
  • trailpad = value to pad trailing cells with
  • vdir = vertical direction (default: "down", means top-to-bottom)
  • hdir = horizontal direction (default: "right", means left-to-right)
  • inner = inner loop (default "cols": print $loop line by line, $loop will be printed column by column otherwise)


 {table loop=$data}
 {table loop=$data cols=4 tr_attr='"bgcolor=red"'}
 {table loop=$data cols=4 tr_attr=$colors}

array   $params: 
Smarty   &$smarty: 

Information Tags:
Link: {html_table} (Smarty online manual)
Version:  1.0
Author:  Monte Ohrt <[email protected]>

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smarty_function_html_table_cycle  [line 100]

void smarty_function_html_table_cycle( $name, $var, $no  )

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