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da8xx.h File Reference
#include <video/da8xx-fb.h>
#include <linux/platform_device.h>
#include <linux/davinci_emac.h>
#include <linux/spi/spi.h>
#include <linux/platform_data/davinci_asp.h>
#include <linux/videodev2.h>
#include <mach/serial.h>
#include <mach/edma.h>
#include <mach/pm.h>
#include <linux/platform_data/i2c-davinci.h>
#include <linux/platform_data/mmc-davinci.h>
#include <linux/platform_data/usb-davinci.h>
#include <linux/platform_data/spi-davinci.h>
#include <media/davinci/vpif_types.h>

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#define DA8XX_CP_INTC_BASE   0xfffee000
#define DA8XX_CP_INTC_SIZE   SZ_8K
#define DA8XX_SYSCFG0_BASE   (IO_PHYS + 0x14000)
#define DA8XX_SYSCFG0_VIRT(x)   (da8xx_syscfg0_base + (x))
#define DA8XX_JTAG_ID_REG   0x18
#define DA8XX_CFGCHIP0_REG   0x17c
#define DA8XX_CFGCHIP2_REG   0x184
#define DA8XX_CFGCHIP3_REG   0x188
#define DA8XX_SYSCFG1_BASE   (IO_PHYS + 0x22C000)
#define DA8XX_SYSCFG1_VIRT(x)   (da8xx_syscfg1_base + (x))
#define DA8XX_DEEPSLEEP_REG   0x8
#define DA8XX_PWRDN_REG   0x18
#define DA8XX_PSC0_BASE   0x01c10000
#define DA8XX_PLL0_BASE   0x01c11000
#define DA8XX_TIMER64P0_BASE   0x01c20000
#define DA8XX_TIMER64P1_BASE   0x01c21000
#define DA8XX_VPIF_BASE   0x01e17000
#define DA8XX_GPIO_BASE   0x01e26000
#define DA8XX_PSC1_BASE   0x01e27000
#define DA8XX_AEMIF_CS2_BASE   0x60000000
#define DA8XX_AEMIF_CS3_BASE   0x62000000
#define DA8XX_AEMIF_CTL_BASE   0x68000000
#define DA8XX_ARM_RAM_BASE   0xffff0000


void __init da830_init (void)
void __init da850_init (void)
int da830_register_edma (struct edma_rsv_info *rsv)
int da850_register_edma (struct edma_rsv_info *rsv[2])
int da8xx_register_i2c (int instance, struct davinci_i2c_platform_data *pdata)
int da8xx_register_spi (int instance, const struct spi_board_info *info, unsigned len)
int da8xx_register_watchdog (void)
int da8xx_register_usb20 (unsigned mA, unsigned potpgt)
int da8xx_register_usb11 (struct da8xx_ohci_root_hub *pdata)
int da8xx_register_emac (void)
int da8xx_register_lcdc (struct da8xx_lcdc_platform_data *pdata)
int da8xx_register_mmcsd0 (struct davinci_mmc_config *config)
int da850_register_mmcsd1 (struct davinci_mmc_config *config)
void __init da8xx_register_mcasp (int id, struct snd_platform_data *pdata)
int da8xx_register_rtc (void)
int da850_register_cpufreq (char *async_clk)
int da8xx_register_cpuidle (void)
void __iomem *__init da8xx_get_mem_ctlr (void)
int da850_register_pm (struct platform_device *pdev)
int __init da850_register_sata (unsigned long refclkpn)
int __init da850_register_vpif (void)
int __init da850_register_vpif_display (struct vpif_display_config *display_config)
int __init da850_register_vpif_capture (struct vpif_capture_config *capture_config)
void da8xx_restart (char mode, const char *cmd)


void __iomemda8xx_syscfg0_base
void __iomemda8xx_syscfg1_base
unsigned int da850_max_speed
struct platform_device da8xx_serial_device
struct emac_platform_data da8xx_emac_pdata
struct da8xx_lcdc_platform_data sharp_lcd035q3dg01_pdata
struct da8xx_lcdc_platform_data sharp_lk043t1dg01_pdata
struct davinci_spi_platform_data da8xx_spi_pdata []
struct platform_device da8xx_wdt_device
const short da830_emif25_pins []
const short da830_spi0_pins []
const short da830_spi1_pins []
const short da830_mmc_sd_pins []
const short da830_uart0_pins []
const short da830_uart1_pins []
const short da830_uart2_pins []
const short da830_usb20_pins []
const short da830_usb11_pins []
const short da830_uhpi_pins []
const short da830_cpgmac_pins []
const short da830_emif3c_pins []
const short da830_mcasp0_pins []
const short da830_mcasp1_pins []
const short da830_mcasp2_pins []
const short da830_i2c0_pins []
const short da830_i2c1_pins []
const short da830_lcdcntl_pins []
const short da830_pwm_pins []
const short da830_ecap0_pins []
const short da830_ecap1_pins []
const short da830_ecap2_pins []
const short da830_eqep0_pins []
const short da830_eqep1_pins []
const short da850_vpif_capture_pins []
const short da850_vpif_display_pins []
const short da850_i2c0_pins []
const short da850_i2c1_pins []
const short da850_lcdcntl_pins []

Macro Definition Documentation

#define DA8XX_AEMIF_CS2_BASE   0x60000000

Definition at line 72 of file da8xx.h.

#define DA8XX_AEMIF_CS3_BASE   0x62000000

Definition at line 73 of file da8xx.h.

#define DA8XX_AEMIF_CTL_BASE   0x68000000

Definition at line 74 of file da8xx.h.

#define DA8XX_ARM_RAM_BASE   0xffff0000

Definition at line 75 of file da8xx.h.

#define DA8XX_CFGCHIP0_REG   0x17c

Definition at line 56 of file da8xx.h.

#define DA8XX_CFGCHIP2_REG   0x184

Definition at line 57 of file da8xx.h.

#define DA8XX_CFGCHIP3_REG   0x188

Definition at line 58 of file da8xx.h.

#define DA8XX_CP_INTC_BASE   0xfffee000

Definition at line 49 of file da8xx.h.

#define DA8XX_CP_INTC_SIZE   SZ_8K

Definition at line 50 of file da8xx.h.


Definition at line 51 of file da8xx.h.

#define DA8XX_DEEPSLEEP_REG   0x8

Definition at line 62 of file da8xx.h.

#define DA8XX_GPIO_BASE   0x01e26000

Definition at line 70 of file da8xx.h.

#define DA8XX_JTAG_ID_REG   0x18

Definition at line 55 of file da8xx.h.

#define DA8XX_PLL0_BASE   0x01c11000

Definition at line 66 of file da8xx.h.

#define DA8XX_PSC0_BASE   0x01c10000

Definition at line 65 of file da8xx.h.

#define DA8XX_PSC1_BASE   0x01e27000

Definition at line 71 of file da8xx.h.

#define DA8XX_PWRDN_REG   0x18

Definition at line 63 of file da8xx.h.

#define DA8XX_SYSCFG0_BASE   (IO_PHYS + 0x14000)

Definition at line 53 of file da8xx.h.

#define DA8XX_SYSCFG0_VIRT (   x)    (da8xx_syscfg0_base + (x))

Definition at line 54 of file da8xx.h.

#define DA8XX_SYSCFG1_BASE   (IO_PHYS + 0x22C000)

Definition at line 60 of file da8xx.h.

#define DA8XX_SYSCFG1_VIRT (   x)    (da8xx_syscfg1_base + (x))

Definition at line 61 of file da8xx.h.

#define DA8XX_TIMER64P0_BASE   0x01c20000

Definition at line 67 of file da8xx.h.

#define DA8XX_TIMER64P1_BASE   0x01c21000

Definition at line 68 of file da8xx.h.

#define DA8XX_VPIF_BASE   0x01e17000

Definition at line 69 of file da8xx.h.

Function Documentation

void __init da830_init ( void  )

Definition at line 1206 of file da830.c.

int da830_register_edma ( struct edma_rsv_info rsv)

Definition at line 279 of file devices-da8xx.c.

void __init da850_init ( void  )

Definition at line 1246 of file da850.c.

int da850_register_cpufreq ( char async_clk)

Definition at line 1076 of file da850.c.

int da850_register_edma ( struct edma_rsv_info rsv[2])

Definition at line 286 of file devices-da8xx.c.

int da850_register_mmcsd1 ( struct davinci_mmc_config config)
int da850_register_pm ( struct platform_device pdev)

Definition at line 1097 of file da850.c.

int __init da850_register_sata ( unsigned long  refclkpn)
int __init da850_register_vpif ( void  )

Definition at line 1200 of file da850.c.

int __init da850_register_vpif_capture ( struct vpif_capture_config capture_config)

Definition at line 1212 of file da850.c.

int __init da850_register_vpif_display ( struct vpif_display_config display_config)

Definition at line 1205 of file da850.c.

void __iomem* __init da8xx_get_mem_ctlr ( void  )

Definition at line 707 of file devices-da8xx.c.

int da8xx_register_cpuidle ( void  )

Definition at line 742 of file devices-da8xx.c.

int da8xx_register_emac ( void  )

Definition at line 438 of file devices-da8xx.c.

int da8xx_register_i2c ( int  instance,
struct davinci_i2c_platform_data pdata 

Definition at line 336 of file devices-da8xx.c.

int da8xx_register_lcdc ( struct da8xx_lcdc_platform_data pdata)

Definition at line 578 of file devices-da8xx.c.

void __init da8xx_register_mcasp ( int  id,
struct snd_platform_data pdata 

Definition at line 509 of file devices-da8xx.c.

int da8xx_register_mmcsd0 ( struct davinci_mmc_config config)

Definition at line 614 of file devices-da8xx.c.

int da8xx_register_rtc ( void  )

Definition at line 683 of file devices-da8xx.c.

int da8xx_register_spi ( int  instance,
const struct spi_board_info info,
unsigned  len 

Definition at line 829 of file devices-da8xx.c.

int da8xx_register_usb11 ( struct da8xx_ohci_root_hub pdata)
int da8xx_register_usb20 ( unsigned  mA,
unsigned  potpgt 
int da8xx_register_watchdog ( void  )

Definition at line 372 of file devices-da8xx.c.

void da8xx_restart ( char  mode,
const char cmd 

Definition at line 367 of file devices-da8xx.c.

Variable Documentation

const short da830_cpgmac_pins
const short da830_ecap0_pins
Initial value:

Definition at line 991 of file da830.c.

const short da830_ecap1_pins
Initial value:

Definition at line 996 of file da830.c.

const short da830_ecap2_pins
Initial value:

Definition at line 1001 of file da830.c.

const short da830_emif25_pins[]
const short da830_emif3c_pins
const short da830_eqep0_pins
Initial value:

Definition at line 1006 of file da830.c.

const short da830_eqep1_pins
Initial value:

Definition at line 1011 of file da830.c.

const short da830_i2c0_pins
Initial value:

Definition at line 964 of file da830.c.

const short da830_i2c1_pins
Initial value:

Definition at line 969 of file da830.c.

const short da830_lcdcntl_pins
const short da830_mcasp0_pins
const short da830_mcasp1_pins
const short da830_mcasp2_pins
const short da830_mmc_sd_pins
const short da830_pwm_pins
const short da830_spi0_pins
Initial value:

Definition at line 856 of file da830.c.

const short da830_spi1_pins
Initial value:

Definition at line 862 of file da830.c.

const short da830_uart0_pins
Initial value:

Definition at line 876 of file da830.c.

const short da830_uart1_pins
Initial value:

Definition at line 881 of file da830.c.

const short da830_uart2_pins
Initial value:

Definition at line 886 of file da830.c.

const short da830_uhpi_pins
const short da830_usb11_pins
Initial value:

Definition at line 896 of file da830.c.

const short da830_usb20_pins
Initial value:

Definition at line 891 of file da830.c.

const short da850_i2c0_pins[]
const short da850_i2c1_pins
Initial value:

Definition at line 632 of file da850.c.

const short da850_lcdcntl_pins
unsigned int da850_max_speed
const short da850_vpif_capture_pins[]
const short da850_vpif_display_pins
struct emac_platform_data da8xx_emac_pdata

Definition at line 405 of file devices-da8xx.c.

struct platform_device da8xx_serial_device

Definition at line 98 of file devices-da8xx.c.

struct davinci_spi_platform_data da8xx_spi_pdata[]

Definition at line 795 of file devices-da8xx.c.

void __iomem* da8xx_syscfg0_base

Definition at line 65 of file devices-da8xx.c.

void __iomem* da8xx_syscfg1_base

Definition at line 66 of file devices-da8xx.c.

struct platform_device da8xx_wdt_device

Definition at line 360 of file devices-da8xx.c.

struct da8xx_lcdc_platform_data sharp_lcd035q3dg01_pdata

Definition at line 546 of file devices-da8xx.c.

struct da8xx_lcdc_platform_data sharp_lk043t1dg01_pdata

Definition at line 552 of file devices-da8xx.c.