Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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hw.h File Reference
#include <linux/types.h>
#include <linux/wireless.h>
#include <net/cfg80211.h>

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#define USER_BAP   0
#define IRQ_BAP   1
#define SMALL_KEY_SIZE   5
#define LARGE_KEY_SIZE   13
#define NUM_CHANNELS   14


int determine_fw_capabilities (struct orinoco_private *priv, char *fw_name, size_t fw_name_len, u32 *hw_ver)
int orinoco_hw_read_card_settings (struct orinoco_private *priv, u8 *dev_addr)
int orinoco_hw_allocate_fid (struct orinoco_private *priv)
int orinoco_get_bitratemode (int bitrate, int automatic)
void orinoco_get_ratemode_cfg (int ratemode, int *bitrate, int *automatic)
int orinoco_hw_program_rids (struct orinoco_private *priv)
int orinoco_hw_get_tkip_iv (struct orinoco_private *priv, int key, u8 *tsc)
int __orinoco_hw_set_bitrate (struct orinoco_private *priv)
int orinoco_hw_get_act_bitrate (struct orinoco_private *priv, int *bitrate)
int __orinoco_hw_set_wap (struct orinoco_private *priv)
int __orinoco_hw_setup_wepkeys (struct orinoco_private *priv)
int __orinoco_hw_setup_enc (struct orinoco_private *priv)
int __orinoco_hw_set_tkip_key (struct orinoco_private *priv, int key_idx, int set_tx, u8 *key, u8 *rsc, size_t rsc_len, u8 *tsc, size_t tsc_len)
int orinoco_clear_tkip_key (struct orinoco_private *priv, int key_idx)
int __orinoco_hw_set_multicast_list (struct orinoco_private *priv, struct net_device *dev, int mc_count, int promisc)
int orinoco_hw_get_essid (struct orinoco_private *priv, int *active, char buf[IW_ESSID_MAX_SIZE+1])
int orinoco_hw_get_freq (struct orinoco_private *priv)
int orinoco_hw_get_bitratelist (struct orinoco_private *priv, int *numrates, s32 *rates, int max)
int orinoco_hw_trigger_scan (struct orinoco_private *priv, const struct cfg80211_ssid *ssid)
int orinoco_hw_disassociate (struct orinoco_private *priv, u8 *addr, u16 reason_code)
int orinoco_hw_get_current_bssid (struct orinoco_private *priv, u8 *addr)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define IRQ_BAP   1

Definition at line 14 of file hw.h.

#define LARGE_KEY_SIZE   13

Definition at line 18 of file hw.h.

#define NUM_CHANNELS   14

Definition at line 21 of file hw.h.

#define SMALL_KEY_SIZE   5

Definition at line 17 of file hw.h.

#define USER_BAP   0

Definition at line 13 of file hw.h.

Function Documentation

int __orinoco_hw_set_bitrate ( struct orinoco_private priv)

Definition at line 707 of file hw.c.

int __orinoco_hw_set_multicast_list ( struct orinoco_private priv,
struct net_device dev,
int  mc_count,
int  promisc 

Definition at line 1067 of file hw.c.

int __orinoco_hw_set_tkip_key ( struct orinoco_private priv,
int  key_idx,
int  set_tx,
u8 key,
u8 rsc,
size_t  rsc_len,
u8 tsc,
size_t  tsc_len 

Definition at line 990 of file hw.c.

int __orinoco_hw_set_wap ( struct orinoco_private priv)

Definition at line 785 of file hw.c.

int __orinoco_hw_setup_enc ( struct orinoco_private priv)

Definition at line 903 of file hw.c.

int __orinoco_hw_setup_wepkeys ( struct orinoco_private priv)

Definition at line 819 of file hw.c.

int determine_fw_capabilities ( struct orinoco_private priv,
char fw_name,
size_t  fw_name_len,
u32 hw_ver 

Definition at line 69 of file hw.c.

int orinoco_clear_tkip_key ( struct orinoco_private priv,
int  key_idx 

Definition at line 1053 of file hw.c.

int orinoco_get_bitratemode ( int  bitrate,
int  automatic 

Definition at line 430 of file hw.c.

void orinoco_get_ratemode_cfg ( int  ratemode,
int bitrate,
int automatic 

Definition at line 449 of file hw.c.

int orinoco_hw_allocate_fid ( struct orinoco_private priv)

Definition at line 410 of file hw.c.

int orinoco_hw_disassociate ( struct orinoco_private priv,
u8 addr,
u16  reason_code 

Definition at line 1323 of file hw.c.

int orinoco_hw_get_act_bitrate ( struct orinoco_private priv,
int bitrate 

Definition at line 738 of file hw.c.

int orinoco_hw_get_bitratelist ( struct orinoco_private priv,
int numrates,
s32 rates,
int  max 

Definition at line 1206 of file hw.c.

int orinoco_hw_get_current_bssid ( struct orinoco_private priv,
u8 addr 

Definition at line 1346 of file hw.c.

int orinoco_hw_get_essid ( struct orinoco_private priv,
int active,
char  buf[IW_ESSID_MAX_SIZE+1] 

Definition at line 1113 of file hw.c.

int orinoco_hw_get_freq ( struct orinoco_private priv)

Definition at line 1167 of file hw.c.

int orinoco_hw_get_tkip_iv ( struct orinoco_private priv,
int  key,
u8 tsc 

Definition at line 690 of file hw.c.

int orinoco_hw_program_rids ( struct orinoco_private priv)

Definition at line 457 of file hw.c.

int orinoco_hw_read_card_settings ( struct orinoco_private priv,
u8 dev_addr 

Definition at line 279 of file hw.c.

int orinoco_hw_trigger_scan ( struct orinoco_private priv,
const struct cfg80211_ssid ssid 

Definition at line 1237 of file hw.c.