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Class: parserExampleInlineTag

Source Location: /phpDocumentor/

Class parserExampleInlineTag

Class Overview

Represents the example inline tag, used to display an example file

inside a docblock or tutorial

Located in /phpDocumentor/ [line 481]

Author(s): Information Tags:
Version:  $Revision: 1.6 $
Tutorial:  inline {@example}


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Method Summary
parserExampleInlineTag   parserExampleInlineTag()  
void   arrayConvert()  
string   getProgramListing()   Return the source for the example file, enclosed in
void   setSource()  

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Constructor parserExampleInlineTag  [line 490]

  parserExampleInlineTag parserExampleInlineTag( string $value, string $current_path, [boolean $isTutorial = false]  )

string   $value:  format "filepath[ start [end]]" where start and end are line numbers with the end line number optional
string   $current_path:  full path to the current file, used to check relative directory locations
boolean   $isTutorial:  if true, then this is in a tutorial

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arrayConvert  [line 641]

  void arrayConvert( Converter &$c  )

Converter   &$c: 

API Tags:
Uses:  phpDocumentor_HighlightParser - Parses the tokenized source

Redefinition of:

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getProgramListing  [line 658]

  string getProgramListing( )

Return the source for the example file, enclosed in

a <programlisting> tag to use in a tutorial

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setSource  [line 631]

  void setSource( string|array $source, [boolean $class = false], string 2  )

string   2:  class name if this is a method
string|array   $source:  source code
boolean   $class:  in php 4.3.0, if this is a method this will be true

Redefinition of:

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