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Class: parserInlineTag

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Class parserInlineTag

Class Overview

Use this element to represent an {@inline tag} like {@link}

Located in /phpDocumentor/ [line 49]

Author(s): API Tags:
See:  parserStringWithInlineTags

Information Tags:
Tutorial:  phpDocumentor Inline tags
Version:  $Revision: 1.6 $
Since:  1.0rc1



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Direct descendents
Child Class Description
parserLinkInlineTag represents inline links
parserSourceInlineTag represents inline source tag, used for function/method source
parserInheritdocInlineTag Represents the inheritdoc inline tag, used by classes/methods/vars to inherit
parserIdInlineTag Represents the inline {@id} tag for tutorials
parserTocInlineTag Represents {@toc} for table of contents generation in tutorials

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Inherited Properties, Constants, and Methods
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Inherited From parserBase


Inherited From parserBase


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Property Summary
string   $inlinetype   the name of the inline tag (like link)
string   $type   Element type

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Method Summary
parserInlineTag   parserInlineTag()  
string   getString()  
integer   Strlen()  

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string   $inlinetype = '' [line 67]

the name of the inline tag (like link)

Redefined in descendants as:

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string   $type = 'inlinetag' [line 62]

Element type

Type is used by many functions to skip the hassle of

  1.  if phpDocumentor_get_class($blah== 'parserBlah'
always "inlinetag"

Redefinition of:
Type is used by many functions to skip the hassle of if phpDocumentor_get_class($blah) == 'parserBlah'

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Constructor parserInlineTag  [line 73]

  parserInlineTag parserInlineTag( string $type, string $value  )

string   $type:  tag type (example: link)
string   $value:  tag value (example: what to link to)

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getString  [line 99]

  string getString( )

API Tags:
Return:  always '', used by Parser::handleDocBlock() to calculate the short description of a DocBlock
Usedby:  parserStringWithInlineTags::getString() - removes inline tag length, as it is indeterminate until conversion.
See:  parserStringWithInlineTags::trimmedStrlen()
See:  parserStringWithInlineTags::getString()

Redefined in descendants as:

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Strlen  [line 82]

  integer Strlen( )

API Tags:
Return:  length of the tag

Redefined in descendants as:

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