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phpDocumentor 1.3.1 Manual

phpDocumentor 1.3.1 Manual

Introduction to phpDocumentor

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The release of phpDocumentor 1.2.0+ marks a radical shift in the design philosophy of phpDocumentor. No longer is this tool intended only to generate documentation from the source code. Now it facilitates generating user-level documentation for people who only wish to use your software, and not to modify it. This allows complete integration of all the documentation for the software project, and that means even greater ease of documenting, and ultimately more time to work on making the software work!

The old functionality of phpDocumentor has not been changed, only extended. The old HTMLdefaultConverter has been ported to a new HTMLframesConverter. The output looks the same, or better, but the templates are now templates, and allow much greater customization. To start out right away, read phpDocumentor 1.3.1 Tutorial.

Bugs and Features (guaranteed to be separate entities...)

If you think you've found a bug in phpDocumentor, please check our bug tracker online at, the bug may have already been fixed (we develop at a rapid rate). If you don't find it, please submit a bug, and we will attempt to fix it as quickly as possible.

If there is a feature you're dying to have, check our feature tracker at Please don't hesitate to look right at the source code and help apply your feature. We love that, and can easily give you access to the cvs.

How to Help Out

If you would like to help out with phpDocumentor, don't be shy. Email Joshua Eichorn right away and say you'd like to be added to the developer team. We need people who are willing to develop Converters, translate documentation, and handle various bugs and feature requests as they come up. phpDocumentor is fast becoming the de facto standard of automatic documentors in PHP, so it is in your best interest to make sure it works the way you need it to work.

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