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dib0700.h File Reference
#include "dvb-usb.h"
#include "dib07x0.h"

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Data Structures

struct  dib0700_state


#define DVB_USB_LOG_PREFIX   "dib0700"
#define deb_info(args...)   dprintk(dvb_usb_dib0700_debug,0x01,args)
#define deb_fw(args...)   dprintk(dvb_usb_dib0700_debug,0x02,args)
#define deb_fwdata(args...)   dprintk(dvb_usb_dib0700_debug,0x04,args)
#define deb_data(args...)   dprintk(dvb_usb_dib0700_debug,0x08,args)
#define REQUEST_SET_USB_XFER_LEN   0x0 /* valid only for firmware version */
#define REQUEST_I2C_READ   0x2
#define REQUEST_I2C_WRITE   0x3
#define REQUEST_POLL_RC   0x4 /* deprecated in firmware v1.20 */
#define REQUEST_JUMPRAM   0x8
#define REQUEST_SET_GPIO   0xC
#define REQUEST_SET_I2C_PARAM   0x10
#define REQUEST_SET_RC   0x11
#define REQUEST_NEW_I2C_READ   0x12
#define REQUEST_NEW_I2C_WRITE   0x13
#define REQUEST_GET_VERSION   0x15


int dib0700_get_version (struct dvb_usb_device *d, u32 *hwversion, u32 *romversion, u32 *ramversion, u32 *fwtype)
int dib0700_set_gpio (struct dvb_usb_device *, enum dib07x0_gpios gpio, u8 gpio_dir, u8 gpio_val)
int dib0700_ctrl_clock (struct dvb_usb_device *d, u32 clk_MHz, u8 clock_out_gp3)
int dib0700_ctrl_rd (struct dvb_usb_device *d, u8 *tx, u8 txlen, u8 *rx, u8 rxlen)
int dib0700_download_firmware (struct usb_device *udev, const struct firmware *fw)
int dib0700_rc_setup (struct dvb_usb_device *d)
int dib0700_streaming_ctrl (struct dvb_usb_adapter *adap, int onoff)
int dib0700_identify_state (struct usb_device *udev, struct dvb_usb_device_properties *props, struct dvb_usb_device_description **desc, int *cold)
int dib0700_change_protocol (struct rc_dev *dev, u64 rc_type)
int dib0700_set_i2c_speed (struct dvb_usb_device *d, u16 scl_kHz)


int dvb_usb_dib0700_debug
struct i2c_algorithm dib0700_i2c_algo
int dib0700_device_count
int dvb_usb_dib0700_ir_proto
struct dvb_usb_device_properties dib0700_devices []
struct usb_device_id dib0700_usb_id_table []

Macro Definition Documentation

#define deb_data (   args...)    dprintk(dvb_usb_dib0700_debug,0x08,args)

Definition at line 21 of file dib0700.h.

#define deb_fw (   args...)    dprintk(dvb_usb_dib0700_debug,0x02,args)

Definition at line 19 of file dib0700.h.

#define deb_fwdata (   args...)    dprintk(dvb_usb_dib0700_debug,0x04,args)

Definition at line 20 of file dib0700.h.

#define deb_info (   args...)    dprintk(dvb_usb_dib0700_debug,0x01,args)

Definition at line 18 of file dib0700.h.

#define DVB_USB_LOG_PREFIX   "dib0700"

Definition at line 12 of file dib0700.h.


Definition at line 31 of file dib0700.h.

#define REQUEST_GET_VERSION   0x15

Definition at line 39 of file dib0700.h.

#define REQUEST_I2C_READ   0x2

Definition at line 25 of file dib0700.h.

#define REQUEST_I2C_WRITE   0x3

Definition at line 26 of file dib0700.h.

#define REQUEST_JUMPRAM   0x8

Definition at line 28 of file dib0700.h.

#define REQUEST_NEW_I2C_READ   0x12

Definition at line 37 of file dib0700.h.

#define REQUEST_NEW_I2C_WRITE   0x13

Definition at line 38 of file dib0700.h.

#define REQUEST_POLL_RC   0x4 /* deprecated in firmware v1.20 */

Definition at line 27 of file dib0700.h.


Definition at line 29 of file dib0700.h.

#define REQUEST_SET_GPIO   0xC

Definition at line 30 of file dib0700.h.

#define REQUEST_SET_I2C_PARAM   0x10

Definition at line 35 of file dib0700.h.

#define REQUEST_SET_RC   0x11

Definition at line 36 of file dib0700.h.

#define REQUEST_SET_USB_XFER_LEN   0x0 /* valid only for firmware version */

Definition at line 23 of file dib0700.h.

Function Documentation

int dib0700_change_protocol ( struct rc_dev dev,
u64  rc_type 

Definition at line 608 of file dib0700_core.c.

int dib0700_ctrl_clock ( struct dvb_usb_device d,
u32  clk_MHz,
u8  clock_out_gp3 

Definition at line 432 of file dib0700_core.c.

int dib0700_ctrl_rd ( struct dvb_usb_device d,
u8 tx,
u8  txlen,
u8 rx,
u8  rxlen 

Definition at line 77 of file dib0700_core.c.

int dib0700_download_firmware ( struct usb_device *  udev,
const struct firmware fw 

Definition at line 472 of file dib0700_core.c.

int dib0700_get_version ( struct dvb_usb_device d,
u32 hwversion,
u32 romversion,
u32 ramversion,
u32 fwtype 

Definition at line 27 of file dib0700_core.c.

int dib0700_identify_state ( struct usb_device *  udev,
struct dvb_usb_device_properties props,
struct dvb_usb_device_description **  desc,
int cold 

Definition at line 342 of file dib0700_core.c.

int dib0700_rc_setup ( struct dvb_usb_device d)

Definition at line 758 of file dib0700_core.c.

int dib0700_set_gpio ( struct dvb_usb_device ,
enum dib07x0_gpios  gpio,
u8  gpio_dir,
u8  gpio_val 

Definition at line 114 of file dib0700_core.c.

int dib0700_set_i2c_speed ( struct dvb_usb_device d,
u16  scl_kHz 

Definition at line 395 of file dib0700_core.c.

int dib0700_streaming_ctrl ( struct dvb_usb_adapter adap,
int  onoff 

Definition at line 548 of file dib0700_core.c.

Variable Documentation

int dib0700_device_count

Definition at line 4813 of file dib0700_devices.c.

struct dvb_usb_device_properties dib0700_devices[]

Definition at line 3600 of file dib0700_devices.c.

struct i2c_algorithm dib0700_i2c_algo

Definition at line 337 of file dib0700_core.c.

struct usb_device_id dib0700_usb_id_table[]

Definition at line 3487 of file dib0700_devices.c.

int dvb_usb_dib0700_debug

Definition at line 12 of file dib0700_core.c.

int dvb_usb_dib0700_ir_proto