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fbmem.c File Reference
#include <linux/module.h>
#include <linux/compat.h>
#include <linux/types.h>
#include <linux/errno.h>
#include <linux/kernel.h>
#include <linux/major.h>
#include <linux/slab.h>
#include <linux/mm.h>
#include <linux/mman.h>
#include <linux/vt.h>
#include <linux/init.h>
#include <linux/linux_logo.h>
#include <linux/proc_fs.h>
#include <linux/seq_file.h>
#include <linux/console.h>
#include <linux/kmod.h>
#include <linux/err.h>
#include <linux/device.h>
#include <linux/efi.h>
#include <linux/fb.h>
#include <asm/fb.h>

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#define FBPIXMAPSIZE   (1024 * 8)
#define VGA_FB_PHYS   0xA0000


int lock_fb_info (struct fb_info *info)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (lock_fb_info)
int fb_get_color_depth (struct fb_var_screeninfo *var, struct fb_fix_screeninfo *fix)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (fb_get_color_depth)
void fb_pad_aligned_buffer (u8 *dst, u32 d_pitch, u8 *src, u32 s_pitch, u32 height)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (fb_pad_aligned_buffer)
void fb_pad_unaligned_buffer (u8 *dst, u32 d_pitch, u8 *src, u32 idx, u32 height, u32 shift_high, u32 shift_low, u32 mod)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (fb_pad_unaligned_buffer)
charfb_get_buffer_offset (struct fb_info *info, struct fb_pixmap *buf, u32 size)
int fb_prepare_logo (struct fb_info *info, int rotate)
int fb_show_logo (struct fb_info *info, int rotate)
int fb_pan_display (struct fb_info *info, struct fb_var_screeninfo *var)
int fb_set_var (struct fb_info *info, struct fb_var_screeninfo *var)
int fb_blank (struct fb_info *info, int blank)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (fb_class)
int unlink_framebuffer (struct fb_info *fb_info)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (unlink_framebuffer)
void remove_conflicting_framebuffers (struct apertures_struct *a, const char *name, bool primary)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (remove_conflicting_framebuffers)
int register_framebuffer (struct fb_info *fb_info)
int unregister_framebuffer (struct fb_info *fb_info)
void fb_set_suspend (struct fb_info *info, int state)
 subsys_initcall (fbmem_init)
int fb_new_modelist (struct fb_info *info)
: framebuffer name as it would appear in

fb_get_options - get kernel boot parameters

     the boot parameter line

: the option will be stored here

NOTE: Needed to maintain backwards compatibility

int fb_get_options (char *name, char **option)
 __setup ("video=", video_setup)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (register_framebuffer)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (unregister_framebuffer)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (num_registered_fb)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (registered_fb)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (fb_show_logo)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (fb_set_var)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (fb_blank)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (fb_pan_display)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (fb_get_buffer_offset)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (fb_set_suspend)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (fb_get_options)


struct fb_info *registered_fb[FB_MAX__read_mostly
struct classfb_class

Macro Definition Documentation

#define FBPIXMAPSIZE   (1024 * 8)

Definition at line 43 of file fbmem.c.

#define VGA_FB_PHYS   0xA0000

Definition at line 1564 of file fbmem.c.

Function Documentation

__setup ( )
EXPORT_SYMBOL ( lock_fb_info  )
EXPORT_SYMBOL ( fb_get_color_depth  )
EXPORT_SYMBOL ( fb_pad_aligned_buffer  )
EXPORT_SYMBOL ( fb_pad_unaligned_buffer  )
EXPORT_SYMBOL ( fb_class  )
EXPORT_SYMBOL ( unlink_framebuffer  )
EXPORT_SYMBOL ( remove_conflicting_framebuffers  )
EXPORT_SYMBOL ( register_framebuffer  )
EXPORT_SYMBOL ( unregister_framebuffer  )
EXPORT_SYMBOL ( num_registered_fb  )
EXPORT_SYMBOL ( registered_fb  )
EXPORT_SYMBOL ( fb_show_logo  )
EXPORT_SYMBOL ( fb_set_var  )
EXPORT_SYMBOL ( fb_blank  )
EXPORT_SYMBOL ( fb_pan_display  )
EXPORT_SYMBOL ( fb_get_buffer_offset  )
EXPORT_SYMBOL ( fb_set_suspend  )
EXPORT_SYMBOL ( fb_get_options  )
int fb_blank ( struct fb_info info,
int  blank 

Definition at line 1047 of file fbmem.c.

char* fb_get_buffer_offset ( struct fb_info info,
struct fb_pixmap buf,
u32  size 

Definition at line 154 of file fbmem.c.

int fb_get_color_depth ( struct fb_var_screeninfo var,
struct fb_fix_screeninfo fix 

Definition at line 88 of file fbmem.c.

int fb_get_options ( char name,
char **  option 

Definition at line 1878 of file fbmem.c.

int fb_new_modelist ( struct fb_info info)

Definition at line 1831 of file fbmem.c.

void fb_pad_aligned_buffer ( u8 dst,
u32  d_pitch,
u8 src,
u32  s_pitch,
u32  height 

Definition at line 114 of file fbmem.c.

void fb_pad_unaligned_buffer ( u8 dst,
u32  d_pitch,
u8 src,
u32  idx,
u32  height,
u32  shift_high,
u32  shift_low,
u32  mod 

Definition at line 120 of file fbmem.c.

int fb_pan_display ( struct fb_info info,
struct fb_var_screeninfo var 

Definition at line 877 of file fbmem.c.

int fb_prepare_logo ( struct fb_info info,
int  rotate 

Definition at line 669 of file fbmem.c.

void fb_set_suspend ( struct fb_info info,
int  state 

fb_set_suspend - low level driver signals suspend : framebuffer affected : 0 = resuming, !=0 = suspending

This is meant to be used by low level drivers to signal suspend/resume to the core & clients. It must be called with the console semaphore held

Definition at line 1775 of file fbmem.c.

int fb_set_var ( struct fb_info info,
struct fb_var_screeninfo var 

Definition at line 937 of file fbmem.c.

int fb_show_logo ( struct fb_info info,
int  rotate 

Definition at line 670 of file fbmem.c.

int lock_fb_info ( struct fb_info info)

Definition at line 73 of file fbmem.c.

int register_framebuffer ( struct fb_info fb_info)

register_framebuffer - registers a frame buffer device : frame buffer info structure

Registers a frame buffer device .

Returns negative errno on error, or zero for success.

Definition at line 1727 of file fbmem.c.

void remove_conflicting_framebuffers ( struct apertures_struct *  a,
const char name,
bool  primary 

Definition at line 1708 of file fbmem.c.

subsys_initcall ( fbmem_init  )
int unlink_framebuffer ( struct fb_info fb_info)

Definition at line 1692 of file fbmem.c.

int unregister_framebuffer ( struct fb_info fb_info)

unregister_framebuffer - releases a frame buffer device : frame buffer info structure

Unregisters a frame buffer device .

Returns negative errno on error, or zero for success.

This function will also notify the framebuffer console
to release the driver.

This is meant to be called within a driver's module_exit()
function. If this is called outside module_exit(), ensure
that the driver implements fb_open() and fb_release() to
check that no processes are using the device.

Definition at line 1755 of file fbmem.c.

Variable Documentation

int ofonly __read_mostly

Definition at line 46 of file fbmem.c.

struct class* fb_class

Definition at line 1499 of file fbmem.c.