Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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qla_dbg.h File Reference
#include "qla_def.h"

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Data Structures

struct  qla2300_fw_dump
struct  qla2100_fw_dump
struct  qla24xx_fw_dump
struct  qla25xx_fw_dump
struct  qla81xx_fw_dump
struct  qla83xx_fw_dump
struct  qla2xxx_fce_chain
struct  qla2xxx_mq_chain
struct  qla2xxx_mqueue_header
struct  qla2xxx_mqueue_chain
struct  qla2xxx_fw_dump


#define EFT_NUM_BUFFERS   4
#define EFT_BYTES_PER_BUFFER   0x4000
#define FCE_NUM_BUFFERS   64
#define FCE_BYTES_PER_BUFFER   0x400
#define fce_calc_size(b)   ((FCE_BYTES_PER_BUFFER) * (b))
#define TYPE_REQUEST_QUEUE   0x1
#define TYPE_ATIO_QUEUE   0x3
#define DUMP_CHAIN_VARIANT   0x80000000
#define DUMP_CHAIN_MQ   0x7FFFFAF1
#define DUMP_CHAIN_LAST   0x80000000
#define QL_MSGHDR   "qla2xxx"
#define QL_DBG_DEFAULT1_MASK   0x1e400000
#define ql_log_fatal   0 /* display fatal errors */
#define ql_log_warn   1 /* display critical errors */
#define ql_log_info   2 /* display all recovered errors */
#define ql_log_all
#define ql_dbg_init   0x40000000 /* Init Debug */
#define ql_dbg_mbx   0x20000000 /* MBX Debug */
#define ql_dbg_disc   0x10000000 /* Device Discovery Debug */
#define ql_dbg_io   0x08000000 /* IO Tracing Debug */
#define ql_dbg_dpc   0x04000000 /* DPC Thead Debug */
#define ql_dbg_async   0x02000000 /* Async events Debug */
#define ql_dbg_timer   0x01000000 /* Timer Debug */
#define ql_dbg_user   0x00800000 /* User Space Interations Debug */
#define ql_dbg_taskm   0x00400000 /* Task Management Debug */
#define ql_dbg_aer   0x00200000 /* AER/EEH Debug */
#define ql_dbg_multiq   0x00100000 /* MultiQ Debug */
#define ql_dbg_p3p   0x00080000 /* P3P specific Debug */
#define ql_dbg_vport   0x00040000 /* Virtual Port Debug */
#define ql_dbg_buffer   0x00020000 /* For dumping the buffer/regs */
#define ql_dbg_misc
#define ql_dbg_verbose
#define ql_dbg_tgt   0x00004000 /* Target mode */
#define ql_dbg_tgt_mgt   0x00002000 /* Target mode management */
#define ql_dbg_tgt_tmr   0x00001000 /* Target mode task management */


void __attribute__ ((format(printf, 4, 5))) ql_dbg(uint32_t


int ql_errlev
void scsi_qla_host_tvha
void scsi_qla_host_t int32_t
void scsi_qla_host_t const charfmt
void scsi_qla_host_t const
char void struct pci_dev

Macro Definition Documentation


Definition at line 258 of file qla_dbg.h.

#define DUMP_CHAIN_LAST   0x80000000

Definition at line 261 of file qla_dbg.h.

#define DUMP_CHAIN_MQ   0x7FFFFAF1

Definition at line 259 of file qla_dbg.h.


Definition at line 260 of file qla_dbg.h.

#define DUMP_CHAIN_VARIANT   0x80000000

Definition at line 257 of file qla_dbg.h.

#define EFT_BYTES_PER_BUFFER   0x4000

Definition at line 217 of file qla_dbg.h.

#define EFT_NUM_BUFFERS   4

Definition at line 216 of file qla_dbg.h.


Definition at line 218 of file qla_dbg.h.

#define FCE_BYTES_PER_BUFFER   0x400

Definition at line 221 of file qla_dbg.h.

#define fce_calc_size (   b)    ((FCE_BYTES_PER_BUFFER) * (b))

Definition at line 223 of file qla_dbg.h.

#define FCE_NUM_BUFFERS   64

Definition at line 220 of file qla_dbg.h.


Definition at line 222 of file qla_dbg.h.

#define ql_dbg_aer   0x00200000 /* AER/EEH Debug */

Definition at line 331 of file qla_dbg.h.

#define ql_dbg_async   0x02000000 /* Async events Debug */

Definition at line 327 of file qla_dbg.h.

#define ql_dbg_buffer   0x00020000 /* For dumping the buffer/regs */

Definition at line 335 of file qla_dbg.h.

#define QL_DBG_DEFAULT1_MASK   0x1e400000

Definition at line 299 of file qla_dbg.h.

#define ql_dbg_disc   0x10000000 /* Device Discovery Debug */

Definition at line 324 of file qla_dbg.h.

#define ql_dbg_dpc   0x04000000 /* DPC Thead Debug */

Definition at line 326 of file qla_dbg.h.

#define ql_dbg_init   0x40000000 /* Init Debug */

Definition at line 322 of file qla_dbg.h.

#define ql_dbg_io   0x08000000 /* IO Tracing Debug */

Definition at line 325 of file qla_dbg.h.

#define ql_dbg_mbx   0x20000000 /* MBX Debug */

Definition at line 323 of file qla_dbg.h.

#define ql_dbg_misc
0x00010000 /* For dumping everything that is not
* not covered by upper categories

Definition at line 336 of file qla_dbg.h.

#define ql_dbg_multiq   0x00100000 /* MultiQ Debug */

Definition at line 332 of file qla_dbg.h.

#define ql_dbg_p3p   0x00080000 /* P3P specific Debug */

Definition at line 333 of file qla_dbg.h.

#define ql_dbg_taskm   0x00400000 /* Task Management Debug */

Definition at line 330 of file qla_dbg.h.

#define ql_dbg_tgt   0x00004000 /* Target mode */

Definition at line 338 of file qla_dbg.h.

#define ql_dbg_tgt_mgt   0x00002000 /* Target mode management */

Definition at line 339 of file qla_dbg.h.

#define ql_dbg_tgt_tmr   0x00001000 /* Target mode task management */

Definition at line 340 of file qla_dbg.h.

#define ql_dbg_timer   0x01000000 /* Timer Debug */

Definition at line 328 of file qla_dbg.h.

#define ql_dbg_user   0x00800000 /* User Space Interations Debug */

Definition at line 329 of file qla_dbg.h.

#define ql_dbg_verbose
0x00008000 /* More verbosity for each level
* This is to be used with other levels where
* more verbosity is required. It might not
* be applicable to all the levels.

Definition at line 337 of file qla_dbg.h.

#define ql_dbg_vport   0x00040000 /* Virtual Port Debug */

Definition at line 334 of file qla_dbg.h.

#define ql_log_all
3 /* This value is only used by ql_errlev.
* No messages will use this value.
* This should be always highest value
* as compared to other log levels.

Definition at line 304 of file qla_dbg.h.

#define ql_log_fatal   0 /* display fatal errors */

Definition at line 301 of file qla_dbg.h.

#define ql_log_info   2 /* display all recovered errors */

Definition at line 303 of file qla_dbg.h.

#define ql_log_warn   1 /* display critical errors */

Definition at line 302 of file qla_dbg.h.

#define QL_MSGHDR   "qla2xxx"

Definition at line 298 of file qla_dbg.h.

#define TYPE_ATIO_QUEUE   0x3

Definition at line 247 of file qla_dbg.h.

#define TYPE_REQUEST_QUEUE   0x1

Definition at line 245 of file qla_dbg.h.


Definition at line 246 of file qla_dbg.h.

Function Documentation

void __attribute__ ( (format(printf, 4, 5))  )

Variable Documentation

Definition at line 309 of file qla_dbg.h.

Definition at line 309 of file qla_dbg.h.

Definition at line 311 of file qla_dbg.h.

int ql_errlev

Definition at line 42 of file qla_os.c.

Definition at line 309 of file qla_dbg.h.