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globals.c File Reference

#include "postgres.h"
#include "libpq/pqcomm.h"
#include "miscadmin.h"
#include "storage/backendid.h"
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ProtocolVersion FrontendProtocol
volatile bool InterruptPending = false
volatile bool QueryCancelPending = false
volatile bool ProcDiePending = false
volatile bool ClientConnectionLost = false
volatile bool ImmediateInterruptOK = false
volatile uint32 InterruptHoldoffCount = 0
volatile uint32 CritSectionCount = 0
int MyProcPid
pg_time_t MyStartTime
struct PortMyProcPort
long MyCancelKey
int MyPMChildSlot
char * DataDir = NULL
char OutputFileName [MAXPGPATH]
char my_exec_path [MAXPGPATH]
char pkglib_path [MAXPGPATH]
BackendId MyBackendId = InvalidBackendId
Oid MyDatabaseId = InvalidOid
Oid MyDatabaseTableSpace = InvalidOid
char * DatabasePath = NULL
pid_t PostmasterPid = 0
bool IsPostmasterEnvironment = false
bool IsUnderPostmaster = false
bool IsBinaryUpgrade = false
bool IsBackgroundWorker = false
bool ExitOnAnyError = false
int DateStyle = USE_ISO_DATES
int DateOrder = DATEORDER_MDY
int IntervalStyle = INTSTYLE_POSTGRES
bool HasCTZSet = false
int CTimeZone = 0
bool enableFsync = true
bool allowSystemTableMods = false
int work_mem = 1024
int maintenance_work_mem = 16384
int NBuffers = 1000
int MaxConnections = 90
int MaxBackends = 0
int VacuumCostPageHit = 1
int VacuumCostPageMiss = 10
int VacuumCostPageDirty = 20
int VacuumCostLimit = 200
int VacuumCostDelay = 0
int VacuumPageHit = 0
int VacuumPageMiss = 0
int VacuumPageDirty = 0
int VacuumCostBalance = 0
bool VacuumCostActive = false
int GinFuzzySearchLimit = 0

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volatile bool ClientConnectionLost = false

Definition at line 31 of file globals.c.

Referenced by internal_flush(), and ProcessInterrupts().

volatile uint32 CritSectionCount = 0

Definition at line 34 of file globals.c.

int CTimeZone = 0
char* DatabasePath = NULL
char* DataDir = NULL

Definition at line 48 of file globals.c.

int DateOrder = DATEORDER_MDY
int DateStyle = USE_ISO_DATES
bool enableFsync = true

Definition at line 91 of file globals.c.

Referenced by BackgroundWriterMain(), CheckpointerMain(), and errstart().

Definition at line 127 of file globals.c.

Referenced by startScan().

bool HasCTZSet = false
volatile bool ImmediateInterruptOK = false

Definition at line 32 of file globals.c.

Definition at line 33 of file globals.c.

volatile bool InterruptPending = false

Definition at line 28 of file globals.c.

int IntervalStyle = INTSTYLE_POSTGRES

Definition at line 86 of file globals.c.

Referenced by errstart(), GetNewObjectId(), pg_re_throw(), PostmasterMain(), and RequestCheckpoint().

Definition at line 87 of file globals.c.

int maintenance_work_mem = 16384
int MaxBackends = 0

Definition at line 112 of file globals.c.

int MaxConnections = 90
char my_exec_path[MAXPGPATH]
BackendId MyBackendId = InvalidBackendId
Oid MyDatabaseId = InvalidOid

Definition at line 63 of file globals.c.

Referenced by AfterTriggerSetState(), AlterSchemaOwner_internal(), analyze_rel(), asyncQueueNotificationToEntry(), asyncQueueProcessPageEntries(), backend_read_statsfile(), CacheInvalidateCatalog(), CacheInvalidateHeapTuple(), CacheInvalidateRelcache(), CacheInvalidateRelcacheByTuple(), CheckMyDatabase(), checkSharedDependencies(), classIdGetDbId(), CreateProceduralLanguage(), CreateSchemaCommand(), current_database(), database_to_xml_internal(), DeconstructQualifiedName(), do_analyze_rel(), do_autovacuum(), dropdb(), exec_object_restorecon(), ExpandColumnRefStar(), ExportSnapshot(), GetCurrentVirtualXIDs(), GetNewRelFileNode(), GetOldestXmin(), ImportSnapshot(), InitPostgres(), InitTempTableNamespace(), lazy_vacuum_rel(), LocalExecuteInvalidationMessage(), LockDatabaseObject(), LockGXact(), map_sql_catalog_to_xmlschema_types(), map_sql_schema_to_xmlschema_types(), map_sql_table_to_xmlschema(), map_sql_type_to_xml_name(), movedb(), perform_relmap_update(), pg_namespace_aclmask(), pg_relation_filepath(), pgss_store(), pgstat_beshutdown_hook(), pgstat_bestart(), pgstat_fetch_stat_funcentry(), pgstat_fetch_stat_tabentry(), pgstat_report_analyze(), pgstat_report_deadlock(), pgstat_report_recovery_conflict(), pgstat_report_stat(), pgstat_report_tempfile(), pgstat_report_vacuum(), pgstat_reset_counters(), pgstat_reset_single_counter(), pgstat_send_funcstats(), pgstat_vacuum_stat(), PrepareToInvalidateCacheTuple(), PrepareTransaction(), ProcArrayInstallImportedXmin(), RangeVarGetAndCheckCreationNamespace(), RangeVarGetCreationNamespace(), RangeVarGetRelidExtended(), RecordTransactionCommit(), ReindexDatabase(), RelationInitLockInfo(), RelationInitPhysicalAddr(), RelationMapFinishBootstrap(), RenameDatabase(), RenameSchema(), ScanPgRelation(), sepgsql_schema_post_create(), SetLocktagRelationOid(), shdepDropOwned(), shdepReassignOwned(), table_recheck_autovac(), transformColumnRef(), UnlockDatabaseObject(), vac_truncate_clog(), vac_update_datfrozenxid(), and vacuum_rel().

Oid MyDatabaseTableSpace = InvalidOid
int MyProcPid
struct Port* MyProcPort
int NBuffers = 1000

Definition at line 110 of file globals.c.

char OutputFileName[MAXPGPATH]

Definition at line 50 of file globals.c.

Referenced by AuxiliaryProcessMain(), DebugFileOpen(), and process_postgres_switches().

char pkglib_path[MAXPGPATH]

Definition at line 53 of file globals.c.

Referenced by getInstallationPaths(), PostgresMain(), and substitute_libpath_macro().

pid_t PostmasterPid = 0
volatile bool ProcDiePending = false

Definition at line 30 of file globals.c.

volatile bool QueryCancelPending = false

Definition at line 29 of file globals.c.

int VacuumCostDelay = 0
int VacuumCostLimit = 200

Definition at line 116 of file globals.c.

Referenced by MarkBufferDirty(), and MarkBufferDirtyHint().

Definition at line 114 of file globals.c.

Referenced by ReadBuffer_common().

Definition at line 115 of file globals.c.

Referenced by ReadBuffer_common().

int VacuumPageDirty = 0

Definition at line 122 of file globals.c.

Referenced by lazy_vacuum_rel(), MarkBufferDirty(), MarkBufferDirtyHint(), and vacuum().

int VacuumPageHit = 0

Definition at line 120 of file globals.c.

Referenced by lazy_vacuum_rel(), ReadBuffer_common(), and vacuum().

int VacuumPageMiss = 0

Definition at line 121 of file globals.c.

Referenced by lazy_vacuum_rel(), ReadBuffer_common(), and vacuum().

int work_mem = 1024