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QtGui Module

The QtGui module extends QtCore with GUI functionality. More...


QAbstractButtonThe abstract base class of button widgets, providing functionality common to buttons
QAbstractGraphicsShapeItemCommon base for all path items
QAbstractItemDelegateUsed to display and edit data items from a model
QAbstractItemViewThe basic functionality for item view classes
QAbstractPrintDialogBase implementation for print dialogs used to configure printers
QAbstractProxyModelBase class for proxy item models that can do sorting, filtering or other data processing tasks
QAbstractScrollAreaScrolling area with on-demand scroll bars
QAbstractSliderInteger value within a range
QAbstractSpinBoxSpinbox and a line edit to display values
QAbstractTextDocumentLayoutAbstract base class used to implement custom layouts for QTextDocuments
QAccessibleEnums and static functions relating to accessibility
QAccessibleBridgeThe base class for accessibility back-ends
QAccessibleBridgePluginAbstract base for accessibility bridge plugins
QAccessibleEventUsed to query addition accessibility information about complex widgets
QAccessibleInterfaceDefines an interface that exposes information about accessible objects
QAccessibleObjectImplements parts of the QAccessibleInterface for QObjects
QAccessiblePluginAbstract base for accessibility plugins
QAccessibleWidgetImplements the QAccessibleInterface for QWidgets
QActionAbstract user interface action that can be inserted into widgets
QActionEventEvent that is generated when a QAction is added, removed, or changed
QActionGroupGroups actions together
QApplicationManages the GUI application's control flow and main settings
QBitmapMonochrome (1-bit depth) pixmaps
QBoxLayoutLines up child widgets horizontally or vertically
QBrushDefines the fill pattern of shapes drawn by QPainter
QButtonGroupContainer to organize groups of button widgets
QCDEStyleCDE look and feel
QCalendarWidgetMonthly based calendar widget allowing the user to select a date
QCheckBoxCheckbox with a text label
QCleanlooksStyleWidget style similar to the Clearlooks style available in GNOME
QClipboardAccess to the window system clipboard
QCloseEventParameters that describe a close event
QColorColors based on RGB, HSV or CMYK values
QColorDialogDialog widget for specifying colors
QColorGroupColor groups for each widget state
QColormapMaps device independent QColors to device dependent pixel values
QComboBoxCombined button and popup list
QCommonStyleEncapsulates the common Look and Feel of a GUI
QCompleterCompletions based on a item model
QConicalGradientUsed in combination with QBrush to specify a conical gradient brush
QContextMenuEventParameters that describe a context menu event
QCopChannelCommunication capabilities between clients in Qtopia Core
QCursorMouse cursor with an arbitrary shape
QCustomRasterPaintDeviceProvided to activate hardware accelerated paint engines in Qtopia Core
QDataWidgetMapperMapping between a section of a data model to widgets
QDateEditWidget for editing dates based on the QDateTimeEdit widget
QDateTimeEditWidget for editing dates and times
QDecorationBase class for window decorations in Qtopia Core
QDecorationFactoryCreates window decorations in Qtopia Core
QDecorationPluginAbstract base class for window decoration plugins in Qtopia Core
QDesktopServicesMethods for accessing common desktop services
QDesktopWidgetAccess to screen information on multi-head systems
QDialRounded range control (like a speedometer or potentiometer)
QDialogThe base class of dialog windows
QDialogButtonBoxWidget that presents buttons in a layout that is appropriate to the current widget style
QDirModelData model for the local filesystem
QDirectPainterDirect access to the underlying hardware in Qtopia Core
QDockWidgetWidget that can be docked inside a QMainWindow or floated as a top-level window on the desktop
QDoubleSpinBoxSpin box widget that takes doubles
QDoubleValidatorRange checking of floating-point numbers
QDragSupport for MIME-based drag and drop data transfer
QDragEnterEventEvent which is sent to a widget when a drag and drop action enters it
QDragLeaveEventEvent that is sent to a widget when a drag and drop action leaves it
QDragMoveEventEvent which is sent while a drag and drop action is in progress
QDropEventEvent which is sent when a drag and drop action is completed
QErrorMessageError message display dialog
QFileDialogDialog that allow users to select files or directories
QFileIconProviderFile icon for the QDirModel class
QFileOpenEventEvent that will be sent when there is a request to open a file
QFocusEventEvent parameters for widget focus events
QFocusFrameFocus frame which can be outside of a widget's normal paintable area
QFontFont used for drawing text
QFontComboBoxCombobox that lets the user select a font family
QFontDatabaseInformation about the fonts available in the underlying window system
QFontDialogDialog widget for selecting a font
QFontInfoGeneral information about fonts
QFontMetricsFont metrics information
QFontMetricsFFont metrics information
QFrameThe base class of widgets that can have a frame
QGradientUsed in combination with QBrush to specify gradient fills
QGraphicsEllipseItemEllipse item that you can add to a QGraphicsScene
QGraphicsItemThe base class for all graphical items in a QGraphicsScene
QGraphicsItemAnimationSimple animation support for QGraphicsItem
QGraphicsItemGroupTreating a group of items as one
QGraphicsLineItemLine item that you can add to a QGraphicsScene
QGraphicsPathItemPath item that you can add to a QGraphicsScene
QGraphicsPixmapItemPixmap item that you can add to a QGraphicsScene
QGraphicsPolygonItemPolygon item that you can add to a QGraphicsScene
QGraphicsRectItemRectangle item that you can add to a QGraphicsScene
QGraphicsSceneSurface for managing a large number of 2D graphical items
QGraphicsSceneContextMenuEventContext menu events in the graphics view framework
QGraphicsSceneDragDropEventEvents for drag and drop in the graphics view framework
QGraphicsSceneEventBase class for all graphics view related events
QGraphicsSceneHelpEventEvents when a tooltip is requested
QGraphicsSceneHoverEventHover events in the graphics view framework
QGraphicsSceneMouseEventMouse events in the graphics view framework
QGraphicsSceneWheelEventWheel events in the graphics view framework
QGraphicsSimpleTextItemText item that you can add to a QGraphicsScene
QGraphicsTextItemText item that you can add to a QGraphicsScene to display formatted text
QGraphicsViewWidget for displaying the contents of a QGraphicsScene
QGridLayoutLays out widgets in a grid
QGroupBoxGroup box frame with a title
QHBoxLayoutLines up widgets horizontally
QHeaderViewHeader row or header column for item views
QHelpEventEvent that is used to request helpful information about a particular point in a widget
QHideEventEvent which is sent after a widget is hidden
QHoverEventParameters that describe a mouse event
QIconScalable icons in different modes and states
QIconDragEventIndicates that a main icon drag has begun
QIconEngineAbstract base class for QIcon renderers
QIconEnginePluginAbstract base for custom QIconEngine plugins
QImageHardware-independent image representation that allows direct access to the pixel data, and can be used as a paint device
QImageIOHandlerDefines the common image I/O interface for all image formats in Qt
QImageIOPluginDefines an interface for writing an image format plugin
QImageReaderFormat independent interface for reading images from files or other devices
QImageWriterFormat independent interface for writing images to files or other devices
QInputContextAbstracts the input method dependent data and composing state
QInputContextFactoryCreates QInputContext objects
QInputContextPluginAbstract base for custom QInputContext plugins
QInputDialogSimple convenience dialog to get a single value from the user
QInputEventThe base class for events that describe user input
QInputMethodEventParameters for input method events
QIntValidatorValidator that ensures a string contains a valid integer within a specified range
QItemDelegateDisplay and editing facilities for data items from a model
QItemEditorCreatorBaseAbstract base class that must be subclassed when implementing new item editor creators
QItemEditorFactoryWidgets for editing item data in views and delegates
QItemSelectionManages information about selected items in a model
QItemSelectionModelKeeps track of a view's selected items
QItemSelectionRangeManages information about a range of selected items in a model
QKbdDriverFactoryCreates keyboard drivers in Qtopia Core
QKbdDriverPluginAbstract base class for keyboard driver plugins in Qtopia Core
QKeyEventDescribes a key event
QKeySequenceEncapsulates a key sequence as used by shortcuts
QLCDNumberDisplays a number with LCD-like digits
QLabelText or image display
QLayoutThe base class of geometry managers
QLayoutItemAbstract item that a QLayout manipulates
QLineEditOne-line text editor
QLinearGradientUsed in combination with QBrush to specify a linear gradient brush
QListViewList or icon view onto a model
QListWidgetItem-based list widget
QListWidgetItemItem for use with the QListWidget item view class
QMacPasteboardMimeMaps open-standard MIME to Mac flavors
QMacStyleMac OS X style using the Apple Appearance Manager
QMainWindowMain application window
QMatrix2D transformations of a coordinate system
QMenuMenu widget for use in menu bars, context menus, and other popup menus
QMenuBarHorizontal menu bar
QMenuItemRepresents an item in a menu
QMessageBoxModal dialog with a short message, an icon, and buttons laid out depending on the current style
QMimeSourceAbstraction of objects that provided formatted data of a certain MIME type
QMotifStyleMotif look and feel
QMouseDriverFactoryCreates mouse drivers in Qtopia Core
QMouseDriverPluginAbstract base class for mouse driver plugins in Qtopia Core
QMouseEventParameters that describe a mouse event
QMoveEventEvent parameters for move events
QMovieConvenience class for playing movies with QImageReader
QPageSetupDialogConfiguration dialog for the page-related options on a printer
QPaintDeviceThe base class of objects that can be painted
QPaintEngineAbstract definition of how QPainter draws to a given device on a given platform
QPaintEngineStateInformation about the active paint engine's current state
QPaintEventEvent parameters for paint events
QPainterPerforms low-level painting on widgets and other paint devices
QPainterPathContainer for painting operations, enabling graphical shapes to be constructed and reused
QPainterPathStrokerUsed to generate fillable outlines for a given painter path
QPaletteColor groups for each widget state
QPenDefines how a QPainter should draw lines and outlines of shapes
QPicturePaint device that records and replays QPainter commands
QPictureFormatPluginAbstract base for custom picture format plugins
QPictureIOParameters for loading and saving pictures
QPixmapOff-screen image representation that can be used as a paint device
QPixmapCacheApplication-wide cache for pixmaps
QPlastiqueStyleWidget style similar to the Plastik style available in KDE
QPolygonVector of points using integer precision
QPolygonFVector of points using floating point precision
QPrintDialogDialog for specifying the printer's configuration
QPrintEngineDefines an interface for how QPrinter interacts with a given printing subsystem
QPrinterPaint device that paints on a printer
QProgressBarHorizontal or vertical progress bar
QProgressDialogFeedback on the progress of a slow operation
QProxyModelSupport for processing data passed between another model and a view
QPushButtonCommand button
QRadialGradientUsed in combination with QBrush to specify a radial gradient brush
QRadioButtonRadio button with a text label
QRasterPaintEngineEnables hardware acceleration of painting operations in Qtopia Core
QRegExpValidatorUsed to check a string against a regular expression
QRegionClip region for a painter
QResizeEventEvent parameters for resize events
QRubberBandRectangle or line that can indicate a selection or a boundary
QScreenBase class for screen drivers in Qtopia Core
QScreenCursorBase class for screen cursors in Qtopia Core
QScreenDriverFactoryCreates screen drivers in Qtopia Core
QScreenDriverPluginAbstract base class for screen driver plugins in Qtopia Core
QScrollAreaScrolling view onto another widget
QScrollBarVertical or horizontal scroll bar
QSessionManagerAccess to the session manager
QShortcutUsed to create keyboard shortcuts
QShortcutEventEvent which is generated when the user presses a key combination
QShowEventEvent that is sent when a widget is shown
QSizeGripCorner-grip for resizing a top-level window
QSizePolicyLayout attribute describing horizontal and vertical resizing policy
QSliderVertical or horizontal slider
QSortFilterProxyModelSupport for sorting and filtering data passed between another model and a view
QSoundAccess to the platform audio facilities
QSpacerItemBlank space in a layout
QSpinBoxSpin box widget
QSplashScreenSplash screen that can be shown during application startup
QSplitterImplements a splitter widget
QSplitterHandleHandle functionality of the splitter
QStackedLayoutStack of widgets where only one widget is visible at a time
QStackedWidgetStack of widgets where only one widget is visible at a time
QStandardItemItem for use with the QStandardItemModel class
QStandardItemEditorCreatorThe possibility to register widgets without having to subclass QItemEditorCreatorBase
QStandardItemModelGeneric model for storing custom data
QStatusBarHorizontal bar suitable for presenting status information
QStatusTipEventEvent that is used to show messages in a status bar
QStringListModelModel that supplies strings to views
QStyleAbstract base class that encapsulates the look and feel of a GUI
QStyleFactoryCreates QStyle objects
QStyleHintReturnStyle hints that return more than basic data types
QStyleHintReturnMaskStyle hints that return a QRegion
QStyleOptionStores the parameters used by QStyle functions
QStyleOptionButtonUsed to describe the parameters for drawing buttons
QStyleOptionComboBoxUsed to describe the parameter for drawing a combobox
QStyleOptionComplexUsed to hold parameters that are common to all complex controls
QStyleOptionDockWidgetUsed to describe the parameters for drawing a dock widget
QStyleOptionFocusRectUsed to describe the parameters for drawing a focus rectangle with QStyle
QStyleOptionFrameUsed to describe the parameters for drawing a frame
QStyleOptionFrameV2Used to describe the parameters necessary for drawing a frame in Qt 4.1 or above
QStyleOptionGraphicsItemUsed to describe the parameters needed to draw a QGraphicsItem
QStyleOptionGroupBoxDescribes the parameters for drawing a group box
QStyleOptionHeaderUsed to describe the parameters for drawing a header
QStyleOptionMenuItemUsed to describe the parameter necessary for drawing a menu item
QStyleOptionProgressBarUsed to describe the parameters necessary for drawing a progress bar
QStyleOptionProgressBarV2Used to describe the parameters necessary for drawing a progress bar in Qt 4.1 or above
QStyleOptionQ3DockWindowUsed to describe the parameters for drawing various parts of a
QStyleOptionQ3ListViewUsed to describe the parameters for drawing a Q3ListView
QStyleOptionQ3ListViewItemUsed to describe an item drawn in a Q3ListView
QStyleOptionRubberBandUsed to describe the parameters needed for drawing a rubber band
QStyleOptionSizeGripUsed to describe the parameter for drawing a size grip
QStyleOptionSliderUsed to describe the parameters needed for drawing a slider
QStyleOptionSpinBoxUsed to describe the parameters necessary for drawing a spin box
QStyleOptionTabUsed to describe the parameters for drawing a tab bar
QStyleOptionTabBarBaseUsed to describe the base of a tabbar, i.e. the part that the tabbar usually overlaps with
QStyleOptionTabV2Used to describe the parameters necessary for drawing a tabs in Qt 4.1 or above
QStyleOptionTabWidgetFrameUsed to describe the parameters for drawing the frame around a tab widget
QStyleOptionTitleBarUsed to describe the parameters for drawing a title bar
QStyleOptionToolBarUsed to describe the parameters for drawing a toolbar
QStyleOptionToolBoxUsed to describe the parameters needed for drawing a tool box
QStyleOptionToolButtonUsed to describe the parameters for drawing a tool button
QStyleOptionViewItemUsed to describe the parameters used to draw an item in a view widget
QStyleOptionViewItemV2Used to describe the parameters necessary for drawing a frame in Qt 4.2 or above
QStylePainterConvenience class for drawing QStyle elements inside a widget
QStylePluginAbstract base for custom QStyle plugins
QSyntaxHighlighterAllows you to define syntax highlighting rules, and in addition you can use the class to query a document's current formatting or user data
QSystemTrayIconIcon for an application in the system tray
QTabBarTab bar, e.g. for use in tabbed dialogs
QTabWidgetStack of tabbed widgets
QTableViewDefault model/view implementation of a table view
QTableWidgetItem-based table view with a default model
QTableWidgetItemItem for use with the QTableWidget class
QTableWidgetSelectionRangeContainer for storing a selection range in a QTableWidget
QTabletEventParameters that describe a Tablet event
QTextBlockContainer for text fragments in a QTextDocument
QTextBlockFormatFormatting information for blocks of text in a QTextDocument
QTextBlockGroupContainer for text blocks within a QTextDocument
QTextBlockUserDataUsed to associate custom data with blocks of text
QTextBrowserRich text browser with hypertext navigation
QTextCharFormatFormatting information for characters in a QTextDocument
QTextCursorOffers an API to access and modify QTextDocuments
QTextDocumentHolds formatted text that can be viewed and edited using a QTextEdit
QTextDocumentFragmentRepresents a piece of formatted text from a QTextDocument
QTextEditWidget that is used to edit and display both plain and rich text
QTextFormatFormatting information for a QTextDocument
QTextFragmentHolds a piece of text in a QTextDocument with a single QTextCharFormat
QTextFrameRepresents a frame in a QTextDocument
QTextFrameFormatFormatting information for frames in a QTextDocument
QTextImageFormatFormatting information for images in a QTextDocument
QTextInlineObjectRepresents an inline object in a QTextLayout
QTextLayoutUsed to lay out and paint a single paragraph of text
QTextLengthEncapsulates the different types of length used in a QTextDocument
QTextLineRepresents a line of text inside a QTextLayout
QTextListDecorated list of items in a QTextDocument
QTextListFormatFormatting information for lists in a QTextDocument
QTextObjectBase class for different kinds of objects that can group parts of a QTextDocument together
QTextOptionDescription of general rich text properties
QTextTableRepresents a table in a QTextDocument
QTextTableCellRepresents the properties of a cell in a QTextTable
QTextTableFormatFormatting information for tables in a QTextDocument
QTimeEditWidget for editing times based on the QDateTimeEdit widget
QToolBarMovable panel that contains a set of controls
QToolBoxColumn of tabbed widget items
QToolButtonQuick-access button to commands or options, usually used inside a QToolBar
QToolTipTooltips (balloon help) for any widget
QTreeViewDefault model/view implementation of a tree view
QTreeWidgetTree view that uses a predefined tree model
QTreeWidgetItemItem for use with the QTreeWidget convenience class
QTreeWidgetItemIteratorWay to iterate over the items in a QTreeWidget instance
QUndoCommandThe base class of all commands stored on a QUndoStack
QUndoGroupGroup of QUndoStack objects
QUndoStackStack of QUndoCommand objects
QUndoViewDisplays the contents of a QUndoStack
QVBoxLayoutLines up widgets vertically
QValidatorValidation of input text
QWSCalibratedMouseHandlerMouse calibration and noise reduction in Qtopia Core
QWSClientEncapsulates a client process in Qtopia Core
QWSEmbedWidgetEnabels embedded top-level widgets in Qtopia Core
QWSEventEncapsulates an event in Qtopia Core
QWSInputMethodInternational input methods in Qtopia Core
QWSKeyboardHandlerBase class for keyboard drivers in Qtopia Core
QWSMouseHandlerBase class for mouse drivers in Qtopia Core
QWSPointerCalibrationDataContainer for mouse calibration data in Qtopia Core
QWSScreenSaverBase class for screensavers in Qtopia Core
QWSServerEncapsulates a server process in Qtopia Core
QWSWindowEncapsulates a top-level window in Qtopia Core
QWSWindowSurfaceThe drawing area for top-level windows in Qtopia Core
QWhatsThisSimple description of any widget, i.e. answering the question "What's This?"
QWhatsThisClickedEventEvent that can be used to handle hyperlinks in a "What's This?" text
QWheelEventParameters that describe a wheel event
QWidgetThe base class of all user interface objects
QWidgetActionExtends QAction by an interface for inserting custom widgets into action based containers, such as toolbars
QWidgetItemLayout item that represents a widget
QWindowStateChangeEventThe window state before a window state change
QWindowsMimeMaps open-standard MIME to Window Clipboard formats
QWindowsStyleMicrosoft Windows-like look and feel
QWindowsXPStyleMicrosoft WindowsXP-like look and feel
QWorkspaceWorkspace window that can be used in an MDI application
QX11EmbedContainerXEmbed container widget
QX11EmbedWidgetXEmbed client widget
QX11InfoInformation about the X display configuration

Detailed Description

The QtGui module extends QtCore with GUI functionality.

To include the definitions of both modules' classes, use the following directive:

 #include <QtGui>

The QtGui module is part of the Qt Desktop Light Edition, the Qt Desktop Edition, and the Qt Open Source Edition.

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