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fb.h File Reference
#include <core/subdev.h>
#include <core/device.h>
#include <core/mm.h>
#include <subdev/vm.h>

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Data Structures

struct  nouveau_mem
struct  nouveau_fb_tile
struct  nouveau_fb


#define NV_MEM_ACCESS_RO   1
#define NV_MEM_ACCESS_WO   2
#define NV_MEM_ACCESS_SYS   4
#define NV_MEM_ACCESS_VM   8
#define NV_MEM_TARGET_VRAM   0
#define NV_MEM_TARGET_PCI   1
#define NV_MEM_TARGET_VM   3
#define NV_MEM_TARGET_GART   4
#define NV_MEM_TYPE_VM   0x7f
#define NV_MEM_COMP_VM   0x03
#define nouveau_fb_create(p, e, c, d)   nouveau_subdev_create((p), (e), (c), 0, "PFB", "fb", (d))
#define nouveau_fb_fini(p, s)   nouveau_subdev_fini(&(p)->base, (s))
#define _nouveau_fb_fini   _nouveau_subdev_fini


int nouveau_fb_created (struct nouveau_fb *)
void nouveau_fb_destroy (struct nouveau_fb *)
int nouveau_fb_init (struct nouveau_fb *)
void _nouveau_fb_dtor (struct nouveau_object *)
int _nouveau_fb_init (struct nouveau_object *)
int nouveau_fb_bios_memtype (struct nouveau_bios *)
bool nv04_fb_memtype_valid (struct nouveau_fb *, u32 memtype)
void nv10_fb_tile_prog (struct nouveau_fb *, int, struct nouveau_fb_tile *)
void nv30_fb_tile_init (struct nouveau_fb *, int i, u32 addr, u32 size, u32 pitch, u32 flags, struct nouveau_fb_tile *)
void nv30_fb_tile_fini (struct nouveau_fb *, int i, struct nouveau_fb_tile *)
void nv50_fb_vram_del (struct nouveau_fb *, struct nouveau_mem **)
void nv50_fb_trap (struct nouveau_fb *, int display)


struct nouveau_oclass nv04_fb_oclass
struct nouveau_oclass nv10_fb_oclass
struct nouveau_oclass nv20_fb_oclass
struct nouveau_oclass nv30_fb_oclass
struct nouveau_oclass nv40_fb_oclass
struct nouveau_oclass nv50_fb_oclass
struct nouveau_oclass nvc0_fb_oclass

Macro Definition Documentation

#define _nouveau_fb_fini   _nouveau_subdev_fini

Definition at line 110 of file fb.h.

#define nouveau_fb_create (   p,
)    nouveau_subdev_create((p), (e), (c), 0, "PFB", "fb", (d))

Definition at line 100 of file fb.h.

#define nouveau_fb_fini (   p,
)    nouveau_subdev_fini(&(p)->base, (s))

Definition at line 105 of file fb.h.


Definition at line 16 of file fb.h.

#define NV_MEM_ACCESS_RO   1

Definition at line 11 of file fb.h.


Definition at line 13 of file fb.h.

#define NV_MEM_ACCESS_SYS   4

Definition at line 14 of file fb.h.

#define NV_MEM_ACCESS_VM   8

Definition at line 15 of file fb.h.

#define NV_MEM_ACCESS_WO   2

Definition at line 12 of file fb.h.

#define NV_MEM_COMP_VM   0x03

Definition at line 25 of file fb.h.

#define NV_MEM_TARGET_GART   4

Definition at line 22 of file fb.h.

#define NV_MEM_TARGET_PCI   1

Definition at line 19 of file fb.h.


Definition at line 20 of file fb.h.

#define NV_MEM_TARGET_VM   3

Definition at line 21 of file fb.h.

#define NV_MEM_TARGET_VRAM   0

Definition at line 18 of file fb.h.

#define NV_MEM_TYPE_VM   0x7f

Definition at line 24 of file fb.h.

Function Documentation

void _nouveau_fb_dtor ( struct nouveau_object )

Definition at line 99 of file base.c.

int _nouveau_fb_init ( struct nouveau_object )

Definition at line 75 of file base.c.

int nouveau_fb_bios_memtype ( struct nouveau_bios )

Definition at line 30 of file base.c.

int nouveau_fb_created ( struct nouveau_fb )

Definition at line 106 of file base.c.

void nouveau_fb_destroy ( struct nouveau_fb )

Definition at line 82 of file base.c.

int nouveau_fb_init ( struct nouveau_fb )

Definition at line 60 of file base.c.

bool nv04_fb_memtype_valid ( struct nouveau_fb ,
u32  memtype 

Definition at line 50 of file nv04.c.

void nv10_fb_tile_prog ( struct nouveau_fb ,
int  ,
struct nouveau_fb_tile  

Definition at line 52 of file nv10.c.

void nv30_fb_tile_fini ( struct nouveau_fb ,
int  i,
struct nouveau_fb_tile  

Definition at line 43 of file nv30.c.

void nv30_fb_tile_init ( struct nouveau_fb ,
int  i,
u32  addr,
u32  size,
u32  pitch,
u32  flags,
struct nouveau_fb_tile  

Definition at line 34 of file nv30.c.

void nv50_fb_trap ( struct nouveau_fb ,
int  display 

Definition at line 428 of file nv50.c.

void nv50_fb_vram_del ( struct nouveau_fb ,
struct nouveau_mem **   

Definition at line 118 of file nv50.c.

Variable Documentation

struct nouveau_oclass nv04_fb_oclass

Definition at line 122 of file nv04.c.

struct nouveau_oclass nv10_fb_oclass

Definition at line 112 of file nv10.c.

struct nouveau_oclass nv20_fb_oclass

Definition at line 128 of file nv20.c.

struct nouveau_oclass nv30_fb_oclass

Definition at line 140 of file nv30.c.

struct nouveau_oclass nv40_fb_oclass

Definition at line 170 of file nv40.c.

struct nouveau_oclass nv50_fb_oclass

Definition at line 322 of file nv50.c.

struct nouveau_oclass nvc0_fb_oclass

Definition at line 237 of file nvc0.c.