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internal.h File Reference
#include <linux/mm.h>

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#define __paginginit   __init
#define ZONE_RECLAIM_FULL   -1
#define ALLOC_NO_WATERMARKS   0x04 /* don't check watermarks at all */
#define ALLOC_HARDER   0x10 /* try to alloc harder */
#define ALLOC_HIGH   0x20 /* __GFP_HIGH set */
#define ALLOC_CPUSET   0x40 /* check for correct cpuset */
#define ALLOC_CMA   0x80 /* allow allocations from CMA areas */




void free_pgtables (struct mmu_gather *tlb, struct vm_area_struct *start_vma, unsigned long floor, unsigned long ceiling)
int isolate_lru_page (struct page *page)
void putback_lru_page (struct page *page)
void __free_pages_bootmem (struct page *page, unsigned int order)
void prep_compound_page (struct page *page, unsigned long order)
void __vma_link_list (struct mm_struct *mm, struct vm_area_struct *vma, struct vm_area_struct *prev, struct rb_node *rb_parent)
int hwpoison_filter (struct page *p)
unsigned long vm_mmap_pgoff (struct file *, unsigned long, unsigned long, unsigned long, unsigned long, unsigned long)
void set_pageblock_order (void)
unsigned long reclaim_clean_pages_from_list (struct zone *zone, struct list_head *page_list)


unsigned long highest_memmap_pfn
u32 hwpoison_filter_dev_major
u32 hwpoison_filter_dev_minor
u64 hwpoison_filter_flags_mask
u64 hwpoison_filter_flags_value
u64 hwpoison_filter_memcg
u32 hwpoison_filter_enable

Macro Definition Documentation

#define __paginginit   __init

Definition at line 276 of file internal.h.

#define ALLOC_CMA   0x80 /* allow allocations from CMA areas */

Definition at line 368 of file internal.h.

#define ALLOC_CPUSET   0x40 /* check for correct cpuset */

Definition at line 367 of file internal.h.

#define ALLOC_HARDER   0x10 /* try to alloc harder */

Definition at line 365 of file internal.h.

#define ALLOC_HIGH   0x20 /* __GFP_HIGH set */

Definition at line 366 of file internal.h.

#define ALLOC_NO_WATERMARKS   0x04 /* don't check watermarks at all */

Definition at line 360 of file internal.h.


Definition at line 359 of file internal.h.


Definition at line 358 of file internal.h.


Definition at line 363 of file internal.h.


Definition at line 357 of file internal.h.

#define ZONE_RECLAIM_FULL   -1

Definition at line 336 of file internal.h.


Definition at line 335 of file internal.h.


Definition at line 337 of file internal.h.


Definition at line 338 of file internal.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation


Definition at line 280 of file internal.h.

Function Documentation

void __free_pages_bootmem ( struct page page,
unsigned int  order 

Definition at line 733 of file page_alloc.c.

void __vma_link_list ( struct mm_struct mm,
struct vm_area_struct vma,
struct vm_area_struct prev,
struct rb_node rb_parent 

Definition at line 228 of file util.c.

void free_pgtables ( struct mmu_gather tlb,
struct vm_area_struct start_vma,
unsigned long  floor,
unsigned long  ceiling 

Definition at line 541 of file memory.c.

int hwpoison_filter ( struct page p)

Definition at line 181 of file memory-failure.c.

int isolate_lru_page ( struct page page)

Definition at line 1155 of file vmscan.c.

void prep_compound_page ( struct page page,
unsigned long  order 

Definition at line 348 of file page_alloc.c.

void putback_lru_page ( struct page page)

Definition at line 545 of file vmscan.c.

unsigned long reclaim_clean_pages_from_list ( struct zone zone,
struct list_head page_list 

Definition at line 967 of file vmscan.c.

void set_pageblock_order ( void  )

Definition at line 4430 of file page_alloc.c.

unsigned long vm_mmap_pgoff ( struct file ,
unsigned  long,
unsigned  long,
unsigned  long,
unsigned  long,
unsigned  long 

Definition at line 352 of file util.c.

Variable Documentation

unsigned long highest_memmap_pfn

Definition at line 59 of file nommu.c.

u32 hwpoison_filter_dev_major
u32 hwpoison_filter_dev_minor
u32 hwpoison_filter_enable
u64 hwpoison_filter_flags_mask
u64 hwpoison_filter_flags_value
u64 hwpoison_filter_memcg