Liferay Portal 4 - Portal Administration Guide

Joseph Shum

Alexander Chow

Redmond Mar

Jorge Ferrer


Revision History
Revision 1.0January 8th, 2007
Revision 1.1February 19th, 2007

Added information about using the workflow portlet

Table of Contents

1. Initial Steps
1. Accessing the portal
2. Logging into the portal
2. Customizing the Personal Area of a User
1. Adding Portlets
2. Changing the Theme
3. User Administration
1. Overview
1.1. Administration Portlets
1.2. User
1.3. Organizations and Locations
1.4. User Groups
2. Enterprise Administration Portlet
2.1. How to View, Search, Add, and Edit Organizations
2.2. How to View, Search, Add, and Edit Locations
2.3. How to View, Search, Add, Edit, Deactivate, Restore, and Delete Users
2.4. How to Impersonate a User
2.5. How to View, Search, Add, Edit, Delete, and Assign User Groups
3. Organization Administration Portlet
3.1. How to View and Edit your Organization
3.2. How to View, Search, Add, and Edit Locations that Belong to your Organization
3.3. How to View, Search, Add, Edit, and Deactivate Users that Belong to Your Organization
3.4. How to View, Search, Edit, Delete, and Assign User Groups
4. Location Administration Portlet
4.1. How to View and Edit your Location
4.2. How to View your Organization
4.3. How to View, Search, Add, Edit, and Deactivate Users
4.4. How to view, search, add, edit, delete, and assign user groups
4. Community Administration
1. Overview
2. Communities Portlet
2.1. How to View, Search, Add, Edit, and Delete Communities
2.2. How to View, Add, Edit, Permission, delete, Manage Look and Feel for, and Import/Export Pages for a Community
2.3. How to Assign Users to a Community
2.4. How to Join and Leave an Open Community
2.5. How to Control Permissions in a Community
3. Page Settings link
5. Security and Permissions
1. Introduction
2. Entity Definitions
2.1. Resources
2.2. Permissions
2.3. Roles
2.4. Users
2.5. Organizations and Locations
2.6. Communities
2.7. User Groups
3. Administration
3.1. Creating a Role
3.2. Assigning Company Permissions to a Role
3.3. Assigning Community Permissions to a Role
3.4. Assigning Roles
3.5. Assigning Individual Portlet Permissions
3.6. Assigning Default Permissions
3.7. Assigning Individual Permissions
3.8. Special Case: Assigning Individual Permissions to Locations
3.9. Delegating Permissions
6. Admin Portlet
1. Server Tab: Shut Down Server
2. Enterprise Tab: Edit Enterprise's Profile
3. Portlets Tab: Set Minimum Required Roles for Portlet Access
4. Users Tab
4.1. Live Session: View Current Users and End User's Session
4.2. Authentication: User Account Authentication
4.3. Default Communities and Roles: Setg Default Community Names and Roles
4.4. Reserved Users: Reserve User ID and Email
4.5. Mail Host Names: Add Mail Host Name
4.6. Emails: Automatically Generated Emails
7. Message Board Portlet
1. Adding Category
2. Adding Thread
3. Editing Category and Thread
4. Deleting Category and Thread
5. Thread Subscription
6. Configuring Subscription Emails
7. My Posts
8. Recent Posts
9. Statistics
10. RSS
8. RSS Portlet
9. Workflow Portlet
1. Deploying Workflows
2. Managing Instances
3. Managing Tasks
4. Technical Explanations
4.1. Process Definitions
4.2. Integrating with Users, Groups, and Roles
4.3. Data Types and Error Checking
4.4. Sample Process Definitions
4.5. Warning Messages
5. Future Enhancements
5.1. Logging
5.2. Customizable Front-End
5.3. File Upload Data Type

List of Tables

5.1. Example Permissions