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List of Figures and Tables


About the User's Guide

Document Conventions

Mouse Conventions

Keyboard Conventions

Using the Project Editor

Project Editor Details

Adding Files to a Project

Adding Directories to a Project

Adding Another Project to a Project

Using Views

Hiding Files from a View

Unloading Files from a Project

Statistics for a Project

Closing the Project Editor

Closing Projects

Deleting Projects

Importing Directories into a Project

General Source-Navigator Features


History Menu

Windows Menu

General Window Features

Adding a Browser to an Existing Window

Reusing Windows

Preserving Context Between Windows

Adjusting Window Column Size

Using Filters

Symbol Selectors

Pattern Box

Symbol and Type Abbreviations

Printing from Source-Navigator

Print Dialog

Customizing Source-Navigator

Preferences Dialog

General Project Preferences

Symbol Browser

Using the Symbol Browser

Toolbar Buttons

Symbol Filters

Column Filters


The Editor Window

Symbol Accelerator Combo-box

Find Box

Pattern Searching

The Extended Toolbar

View History

Search Menu

Editor Preferences

Using emacs as your Editor

To Start a New emacs Process

To Communicate with an Already Running emacs Process

Hierarchy Browser

Using the Hierarchy Browser

Tools Menu

Class/Hierarchy Preferences

Hierarchy Browser Shortcut Keys

Class Browser

Using the Class Browser

Class Name

Member List

Inheritance Tree

Member List Filter Dialog

Scope Selector

Cross-Reference Browser

Cross-Reference Filter

Cross-Reference Browser Details

Cross-Reference Preferences

Include Browser

Using the Include Browser

Reducing Displayed Information

Include Preferences


Using the Retriever

Retriever Filter

Retriever with the Cross-Reference Browser


Using Grep

GNU Regular Expressions

Ordinary Characters

Special Characters

Predefined Sets of Characters


Escape Sequences

Version Control Systems

Using Version Control

Checking Out a File

Checking In a File

Discarding Changes to a File

Show Differences

Version Control Preferences

Using the Red Hat EDK

Working With the Red Hat EDK

EDK Preferences Window

Editing the Project Files

Building Programs

The Building Process


Build Targets

Creating a New Build Target

Modifying Build Targets

Editing a Target

Compiling Build Targets

Modifying the Build

Command Line Options

Embedded Target Board Commands

Script Arguments

Script Overview

Source-Navigator Commands