KairosDB Guide

Grafana v2.1 brings initial support for KairosDB Datasources. While the process of adding the datasource is similar to adding a Graphite or OpenTSDB datasource type, Kairos DB does have a few different options for building queries.

Adding the data source to Grafana

  1. Open the side menu by clicking the the Grafana icon in the top header.
  2. In the side menu under the Dashboards link you should find a link named Data Sources.

    NOTE: If this link is missing in the side menu it means that your current user does not have the Admin role for the current organization.

  3. Click the Add new link in the top header.

  4. Select KairosDB from the dropdown.
Name Description
Name The data source name, important that this is the same as in Grafana v1.x if you plan to import old dashboards.
Default Default data source means that it will be pre-selected for new panels.
Url The http protocol, ip and port of your kairosdb server (default port is usually 8080)
Access Proxy = access via Grafana backend, Direct = access directory from browser.

Query editor

Open a graph in edit mode by click the title.

For details on KairosDB metric queries checkout the official. - Query Metrics - KairosDB 0.9.4 documentation.

Templated queries

KairosDB Datasource Plugin provides following functions in Variables values query field in Templating Editor to query metric names, tag names, and tag values to kairosdb server.

Name Description
metrics(query) Returns a list of metric names matching query. If nothing is given, returns a list of all metric names.
tag_names(query) Returns a list of tag names matching query. If nothing is given, returns a list of all tag names.
tag_values(metric,tag) Returns a list of values for tag from the given metric.

For details of metric names, tag names, and tag values, please refer to the KairosDB documentations.