Episode 1 - Building Graphite Queries

Learn how the Graphite Query Editor works, and how to use different graphing functions. There's also an introduction to graph display settings.

Episode 2 - Templated Graphite Queries

The screencast focuses on Templating with the Graphite Data Source. Learn how to make dynamic and adaptable Dashboards for your Graphite metrics.

Episode 3 - Whats New In Grafana 2.0

This screencast highlights many of the great new features that were included in the Grafana 2.0 release.

Episode 4 - Installation & Configuration on Ubuntu / Debian

Learn how to easily install the dependencies and packages to get Grafana 2.0 up and running on Ubuntu or Debian in just a few minutes.

Episode 5 - Installation & Configuration on Red Hat / CentOS

This screencasts shows how to get Grafana 2.0 installed and configured quickly on RPM-based Linux operating systems.

Episode 6 - Adding data sources, users & organizations

Now that Grafana has been installed, learn about adding data sources and get a closer look at adding and managing Users and Organizations.

Episode 7 - Beginners guide to building dashboards

For newer users of Grafana, this screencast will familiarize you with the general UI and teach you how to build your first Dashboard.