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For people who like to get a short overview on available documentation, here it is :)

Frequently Asked Questions
Gentoo FAQ
Gentoo PPC FAQ
Installation Related Documentation
Gentoo Handbook
Gentoo x86 Quick Installation Reference
Gentoo sparc Quick Installation Reference
Compaq Alpha Tools Guide
Alternative Installation Guide
LVM2 Guide
Gentoo/x86 Tips 'n Tricks Document
Gentoo Linux 1.4 Upgrade Guide
Gentoo Upgrading Howto
Genkernel Guide
coLinux Howto
Gentoo System Documentation
A Portage Introduction
Portage Features
Working with Portage
USE Flags
Environment Variables
Gentoo Kernel Guide
Gentoolkit Guide
Gentoo for Mac OS X
System Administration Documentation
Gentoo Security Guide
Prelinking Howto
IPv6 Guide
User Mode Linux Guide
OpenMosix Guide
Diskless Guide
LTSP Guide
DistCC Guide
DevFS Guide
Gentoo udev Guide
Printing Guide
OpenAFS Guide
Virtual/Mailhost Postfix Howto
qmail/vpopmail Howto
Gentoo/SPARC Netboot Howto
Gentoo SPARC OpenBoot PROM Reference Guide
Quick Samba Howto
Home Router Howto
Gentoo Desktop Documentation
XOrg Configuration HOWTO
Gentoo NVidia Guide
Gentoo ATI FAQ
KDE Configuration Guide
GNOME Configuration Guide
ALSA Configuration Guide
Java Configuration Guide
Gentoo Localization Guide
Direct Rendering HOWTO
Power Management Guide
Nano Basics Guide
Vi Guide
GnuPG User Guide
Quickstart Guide to CLI E-mail
Quick HOWTO for su with X
SHOUTcast Configuration Guide
Gentoo Development Documentation
Gentoo Linux Development Policy
Contributing Ebuilds Guide
GuideXML Guide
CVS Tutorial
Other Documentation
Gentoo RSync Mirror
Gentoo Distfiles Mirror

Updated October 23, 2004
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The XOrg Configuration HOWTO provides The Gentoo NVidia Guide includes The Gentoo ATI FAQ does the same but for The KDE Configuration Guide talks The GNOME Configuration Guide does the The ALSA Configuration Guide is a The Java Configuration Guide explains how to The Gentoo Localization Guide The Direct Rendering HOWTO explains how The Power Management Guide The Nano Basics Guide leads by The Vi Guide uses the cheatsheet method to The GnuPG User Guide is the definitive The Quickstart Guide to CLI E-mail The Quick HOWTO for su with X covers switching The SHOUTcast Configuration Guide The NX Guide shows you how to