WWW10 Proceedings: Contents


  • P1 - E-Commerce
  • P2 - Caching
  • CP1 - Digital Institutions and Cultural Resources
  • E1 - E Tools for Learning
  • P3 - Web Crawling
  • P4 - Personalized Presentation
  • P5 - Question Answering Over the Web
  • P6 - XML Foundations
  • P7 - Link-Based Ranking
  • P8 - Performance
  • P9 - Personalization in E-Commerce
  • E4 - E-Learning Environment
  • P10 - Advanced Linking
  • P11 - XML Tools 1
  • P12 - Search Technologies
  • P13 - Link Analysis
  • P14 - XML/RDF
  • P15 - Graphics & Multimedia
  • P16 - Access Control & Security
  • P17 - Load Management
  • P18 - Content Transformation for Mobility
  • P19 - Ranking & Classification
  • P20 - XML Tools 2
  • P21 - Mobile User Interface
  • P22 - Data Mining
  • P23 - Practice & Experience
  • P24 - User Interface for Emerging Applications

Wednesday, May 2

Session P1: E-Commerce
Session Chair: Oliver Spatscheck, AT&T Research

Session P2: Caching
Session Chair: Michele Colajanni, University of Modena, Italy

Session CP1: Digital Institution and Cultural Resources

Session E1: E Tools for Learning

Session P3: Web Crawling
Session Chair: Andrei Broder, AltaVista Company

Session P4: Personalized Presentation
Session Chair: Gustavo Rossi, University La Plata, Argentina
Session P5 - Question Answering Over the Web
Session Chair: Xing Li, Tsinghua University, China
Session P6: XML Foundations
Session Chair: Achim Steinacker, Technical University of Darmstadt

Thursday, May 3

Session P7: Link-Based Ranking
Session Chair: Yoelle Maarek, IBM Research, Haifa, Israel

Session P8: Performance
Session Chair:Arun Iyengar, IBM Research, USA

Session P9: Personalization in E-Commerce
Session Chair: Lucas Chi Kwong Hui, The University of Hong Kong

Session E4: E-Learning Environment

Session P10: Advanced Linking
Session Chair: Fabio Vitali, University of Bologna and CNR-IAT, Italy

Session P11: XML Tools 1
Session Chair: Jim Whitehead, UC- Irvine, USA

Session P12: Search Technologies
Session Chair: Marc Najork, Compaq Research, USA

Session P13: Link Analysis
Session Chair: Tim Brailsford, University of Nottingham, UK

Session P14: XML/RDF
Session Chair: Stuart Weibel, OCLC, USA

Session P15 - Graphics & Multimedia
Session Chair: Michael Weber, University of Ulm, Germany

Friday, May 4

Session P16: Access Control & Security
Session Chair:Jose Kahan, W3C/INRIA, France

Session P17: Load Management
Session Chair: Mike Dahlin, University of Texas

Session P18: Content Transformation for Mobility
Session Chair: Yih-Farn Robin Chen, AT&T Labs - Research, USA

Session P19 - Ranking & Classification
Session Chair: Ron Dolin, Google

Session P20 - XML Tools 2
Session Chair: Juliana Freire, Bell Labs, USA

Session P21: Mobile User Interface
Session Chair: Tatsuya Hagino, Keio University, Japan

Session P22: Data Mining
Session Chair: Soumen Chakrabarti, IIT Bombay, India

Session P23 - Practice & Experience
Session Chair: David De Roure, University of Southampton

Session P24: User Interface for Emerging Applications
Session Chair: Leslie Carr, University of Southampton, UK