Inherits: Object

Category: Core

Brief Description

Resource Loader.

Member Functions

StringArray get_dependencies ( String path )
StringArray get_recognized_extensions_for_type ( String type )
bool has ( String path )
Resource load ( String path, String type_hint=””, bool p_no_cache=false )
ResourceInteractiveLoader load_interactive ( String path, String type_hint=”” )
void set_abort_on_missing_resources ( bool abort )


Resource Loader. This is a static object accessible as ResourceLoader. GDScript has a simplified load() function, though.

Member Function Description

Return the list of recognized extensions for a resource type.

Load a resource interactively, the returned object allows to load with high granularity.

  • void set_abort_on_missing_resources ( bool abort )

Change the behavior on missing sub-resources. Default is to abort load.